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5 Ways Video Emails Are Better Than Traditional Emails

5 Ways Video Emails Are Better Than Traditional Emails

You’ve heard us repeatedly talk about the benefits of using video as a sales tool and why your team should be using video

It’s no secret that video email is more impactful than a traditional plain-text email and gets your team results. 

But exactly how is video better than text?

Here are five ways video emails are better than traditional emails. 

1. Video is unexpected - it grabs people’s attention.

According to Campaign Monitor, the average person sends and receives 121 business emails every single business day. That’s 121 other emails that are vying for your prospect’s attention. 

So how do you cut through the noise and demand attention?

Video. Video emails can have a 19% higher open rate than traditional plain text emails and boost click rates by 65%. 

Video cuts through the noise and catches prospects’ notice. Don’t shy away from it–use it to your advantage and grab attention. 

2. Video humanizes your brand. 

We preach this often. Video is a gamechanger for putting a face to the brand. Unlike any other media type, video creates a sense of familiarity with the people who make the brand what it is. This is essential in creating a more authentic connection with prospects. The real connection goes a long way in business. 

3. Video can unstick cold leads. 

Since video is a more engaging medium than traditional email and often provides more inherent value, you can use it to warm up leads that have gone cold. By shooting a personalized video over, you show the lead that you have taken the time to reach out to them intentionally—helping your prospect feel valued and not just like another touchpoint in a campaign can help you convert leads quicker. After all, no one wants to have a chat with your email automation. Make it personal. 

4. Video gives information via a prospect-approved medium. 

In 2022, video is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic. That is 15 times more than video traffic in 2017. According to Zenith Media, the average person will spend 100 minutes per day watching videos this year. 

Furthermore, nearly 60% of executives said they would choose to watch a video over reading text to learn about a topic. And people who watch video retain up to 95% of a message from video compared to 10% from text alone. 

The statistics don’t lie. Video is an in-demand information medium that your prospects are actively using. So giving your prospects information via a medium they use every day is a no-brainer. Video email helps you get your message across succinctly, creatively, and memorable.

5. Video helps you make a better first impression.

Some things just don’t translate via written text. There is plenty of room for your message and intent to get lost in translation via email alone. After all, your prospect doesn’t know you. They can’t translate the nuance and subtleties in what you write as well as your friends and family can. 

Video allows you to communicate your intent verbally and physically, meaning typical social cues like body language, eye contact, and facial expression can help your prospect truly grasp your message and its intent.  

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