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Why You Should Use a Video Sales Platform in Your Sales Process

Why You Should Use a Video Sales Platform in Your Sales Process

The Benefits of a Video Sales Platform

Sales leaders are consistently looking to add something new to the sales process that will generate more sales. A video sales platform could be that something. 

It’s no secret that video content and video platforms have invaded and changed the way we do business, but there are some businesses still wary of bringing on new technology and a new form of communication. Don’t let the word ‘video’ scare you off! A video sales platform can increase communication effectiveness while generating more and higher-quality sales for your company. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should absolutely use a video sales platform in your sales process:

1. Break down complex topics.

There’s a great phrase in the process of filmmaking: “Show, don’t tell”. This phrase references the compelling visual power of video. Storytelling in film (character processes, decisions, actions, etc.) is immensely more powerful than storytelling through text. The same goes for marketing videos. Take the time to fully deconstruct and explain your product for your clients by visually walking the audience through each individual step in a way that copy can’t replicate.

2. Build relationships from a distance.

Another benefit of a video sales platform is the opportunity to build relationships from a distance. While it is preferable and favorable to build relationships face-to-face, it’s not always feasible or realistic. A video platform can alleviate the strains of doing business at a distance because you can relate to your audience, any time, any place, from any device. Building these bridges, whether you’re in the same city or across the country, is crucial to networking and selling your product. A video sales platform will enable and empower you to reach outside of your normal circle to connect with the customers who need what you’re selling.

3. Speed up deal cycles.

Closing a deal, as we all know, is a deeply important and equally frustrating part of the sales process. Too often we get caught in a deal cycle that drags, as prospects can be a little wary of pulling the trigger, especially if your product offering has a higher price point. With a video sales platform, you can navigate the deal cycle quicker than traditional methods such as email and phone. For instance, if your prospect has questions about specific details of your contract or product, you can set up specific video checkpoints to address those questions at great length.

4. Break into inboxes.

An initial video email can produce a 96% increase in click-through-rate when compared to traditional email outreach. Ditch the unsuccessful campaigns of the past and focus your efforts on a video campaign that will work. Liven up your email campaigns by embedding your video within the emails to make your outreach more personal, more authentic, and ultimately, more informative and engaging.

5. Save time.

Finally, a video sales platform will save you an immense amount of time in the sales process. With higher response rates, you can spend more time actually selling the product. It’s all too easy to spend all your time chasing leads and making cold-calls to prospects, so finding ways to save time makes a massive difference for your sales process. With a video sales platform, all of your processes can be built into and automated by software, making your job that much easier and allowing you to focus on what matters: selling.

How vidREACH Can Help

vidREACH video sales platform streamlines all of your sales efforts to command attention and drive traffic exactly where you want it. We can help you create custom calls-to-action that guides your audience towards specific parts of your website, allow them to download resources, or book a meeting all within the video. We can help you boost your content library to provide your audience with the content that they need when they need it. If you are looking to increase your brand visibility, you can integrate your social media platforms to share videos and personalized content to expand your reach. We also provide in-depth analytics to measure your performance and allow you to view customized reporting in real-time. With a video sales platform like vidREACH, there is almost nothing you can’t do to strengthen your sales processes. 

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