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Why You Should Be Using Video in Marketing


Video has legitimately taken over the world, which has enabled us to elevate our storytelling to an entirely new level. Pop culture is king right now, with television and film being the primary mediums of entertainment in the world.

And why is that? The stories being told on film aren’t much different than the books and radio shows that dominated the past, and even not entirely different from the cave drawings of early man. But the biggest, and maybe only, the difference is that it’s all visual. Moving images sell a story faster, and stories sell products faster.

If you’re ever doubtful of that, take a look at the history of Star Wars. One of the bigger reasons that George Lucas got so rich is because he retained all merchandising rights for Star Warstoys, which were HUGE. So does that mean we’re telling you to come up with a saga of films that will billions of dollars of toys to get you rich? Not exactly, but go ahead and give it a shot.

It does lead us to the question of the day though: are you using video to market your business? If not, you’ve already been left behind. Here we have a few reasons why you should use video in marketing:

Tell a Story

Now, this may seem a little too on-the-nose to even point out, but think about how many times you’ve approached your business dealings like you are telling a story. More than likely, you’ve never even considered it. But that’s ok! Now is the time to start. If you approach the way you conduct your business as if you were telling the most compelling story ever heard, people might stop and listen. Telling a story not only grabs attention, but it also allows your audience to relate to your mission and maybe even come alongside you.

Build Trust

By implementing video as a marketing tool, it will be even easier to gain the trust of your audience. Video gives your brand a face and a personality that makes it easier to connect with customers. Tapping into the emotional outlet of an audience will give them greater incentive to buy into your product. Once you’ve connected, that trust can lead to more customers as current customers spread the “gospel” of your business to others that might benefit from it.

Search Engines Love Videos

Using videos to promote your company means that it’s more likely to show up on a search engine. An embedded video can increase the chance to show up on the first page of a Google search about 53 more times, which can lead to a huge bump in business. Now that Google owns YouTube, that means that your video marketing just became a lot more relevant to search results.

Customers Love Watching Videos

Most importantly, people LOVE watching videos. Seriously. How else could Logan Paul have such a successful career? Because, believe it or not, people are actually watching. Just imagine if he actually had something to say. The reason video does so well is that it can convey an enormous amount of information in just a matter of minutes – far quicker than reading a blog or an email. While producing a video may sound like a daunting task, all that hard work will be worth it once people start sharing your videos. And if you’ve crafted your message compellingly, it’ll be impossible for people not to watch.

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