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What is Sales Acceleration?

What is Sales Acceleration?

Sales acceleration demonstrates strategies that enable businesses to move prospects through the sales funnel with the best efficiency. An effective sales acceleration software allows teams to have access to timely data and reports that increase the likelihood of prospect conversion. There are hundreds and hundreds of sales acceleration tools, including research tools, email tracking, predictive analytics, and sales lead databases.

Sales acceleration provides refined information from B2B data more efficiently and promotes the sales cycle to keep moving towards the finish line. It is the process of using multiple resources and tools such as a CRM to reduce time spent in the sales cycle before your deal closes.

In sales acceleration efforts, your organization might use a technology stack to better cultivate and foster leads so that they remain warm and continue to move through the sales funnel.

How Does Sales Acceleration Work?

The best way to look at how sales acceleration works is through evaluating its functionality. Here are a few ways that sales acceleration can be most efficient for your company:

Personalized Automation

Does your company currently use an automation software that assists in task management such as processing orders, sharing information on digital platforms, or managing prospect contact information? When used correctly and at its maximum efficiency, automation can be a catalyst tool for sales acceleration on your team. It alleviates some of the pressure of getting mundane but necessary tasks accomplished on top of everything else going on. It also makes it easier for sales reps and leadership to monitor analytics and KPIs like monthly quota and productivity rates. Where automation becomes pivotal is when it intersects with personalization. When sales professionals integrate personalized content into their outreach efforts, they are able to increase overall engagement with their prospect or customer.

Data Analytics

Data analytics allow for instant and accurate data on current interactions between sales reps and their prospects. It will help your organization increase campaign effectiveness, sales velocity, productivity measurement, and lead management.

Engagement Tracking

There is a large market of sales automation tools that are capable of monitoring and tracking the sales process from lead generation to closing the sales deal. Tracking is a major benefit of sales acceleration. How would your organization benefit from tracking email engagement? What would it look like if your organization could track when emails are opened, read, and responded to by leads or prospects? Engagement tracking makes your sales processes more efficient and effective by allowing monitored feedback from your reps. This way you are better able to deliver the right message to your prospect based on their need.

Sales acceleration tools are not a magical fix to all of your company’s sales efforts, and you probably won’t see a major transform overnight. Sales acceleration platforms are instead a catalyst that will affect change within your organization, and in time, you will see immense results. As your organization chooses to invest in the future of your sales representatives, it is crucial that your team understand how to maximize these tools so that they are able to see the best results.

What Are the Benefits of a Sales Acceleration Strategy?

Higher Productivity

With sales acceleration, you are able to onboard and ramp up your reps in a more effective fashion. You can measure their activity rates as well as their productivity rates more objectively and more efficiently, which in return will benefit both you and your employees.

Higher Achievement Rates

With the integration of sales efficiency tools like an email sequencing platform, your reps are able to work more efficiently and therefore have a better chance of meeting or exceeding quota. Through integrating more efficient tools into your processes, you can cultivate a better work atmosphere for your employees to be set up for lasting success.

Rapid Velocity

The amount of time spent trying to move a sales prospect through your sales funnel is drastically reduced through an effective sales acceleration process. An effective sales acceleration program will allow your reps to better delegate tasks and move quicker through their day while still remaining the most efficient and successful.

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