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What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

Marketing has changed over the years from a mass marketing approach to a more personalized, targeted approach. 

Enter customer engagement marketing: when you produce timely, personalized content meant specifically for your audience and prospects. 

Personalized content might be the only way to connect with some segments of your audience, and you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to attract new customers. Customer engagement marketing is the future of business, but it requires a little extra work on the front end. But you can do it!

Let’s take a deep dive into how you can best equip your marketing team with customer engagement marketing strategies. 

Personalize your message

You will have a much easier time reaching your audience if you create personalized content that you can send directly to the people you’re trying to reach. It’s much more likely that someone buying into your product for the first time will be long-term, loyal customers if they feel that you’re talking directly to them. We all respond better to content that we feel is made for us and meets our needs, right? 

Additionally, you should make it specific to where they are at in their purchasing journey, and time it so that they are receiving this content exactly when they need it. You don’t want a new buyer getting emails that are written and intended for someone that is further along in their purchasing journey.

Expand your customer service options

Take a look at what you have for customer service. Does your website feature a live chat option on the home page? Are you easily accessible by email? Do you have personable, engaging people talking to your customers on the phone lines? There are plenty of ways to expand and strengthen your customer service experience to be prepared for any situation the customer is dealing with. You can also expand through the number of channels that you are using. Are you implementing social media as a tool for your brand? Keep up to date on what people are saying about your company, and respond to those with questions. Social media can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a marketing team. Use it!

One of the better ways to improve your customer service is by empowering your customer service representatives to be ambassadors of your brand. They will need to know the product inside and out, be able to identify issues and offer solutions and assure the customer that they are being heard.

Sell to your customer’s interests

Knowing exactly what your customers are shopping for will give you the opportunity to sell directly to what they want. That’s why Amazon works as well as it does! As soon as you look at something once on Amazon, it shows up in ads all over your browser because they want you to make purchases. Enhancing your data analytics would give you the ability to track your customers buying persona. This tracks their purchasing behavior, but it also tells you they are, where they live, and, most importantly, what they need. 

While something of that caliber may be out of your reach, there are other things you can do to create personalized content! Sending emails segmented for certain audiences is a great way to target specific members of your audience. 

Talk to your customers, one-on-one

At the end of the day, business is only conducted at the connection of a buyer and a seller. Building that connection is crucial to a thriving, successful business. Your customers will only be happy if they feel that they are getting a catered, personalized experience. The relationship that you build with them is what will keep them coming back. But a relationship can’t be built without a connection, so make sure to make that connection through the content that you are producing, whether it’s blogs, videos, or emails. Whatever you end up doing needs to be intentional and purposeful to support your company and your customers.

If you want people to connect with your brand, meet them where they’re at! Conversations will go a  long way to ensuring that not only are they getting the information from the people who know best, but they are also being shown that their needs are important to you.

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