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What is a Sales Engagement Platform?

What is a Sales Engagement Platform?

What is a Sales Engagement Platform?

These days, there is so much competition in business that it’s easy to get left behind when new tech emerges. If you don’t keep yourself up-to-date with tools that could benefit your company, you could easily find yourself swimming in the wake of companies with the tech to sell faster and better than you do.

There’s no need to be left behind! Especially if the fancy new tech that everyone else has makes managing your company and your sales process a bit easier.

Here, we’ll be getting into what exactly a sales engagement platform is and how it can benefit you and your business.

What is sales engagement?

First off, let’s get to the bottom of what sales engagement really is. Sales engagement is any interaction in the sales process between a customer and a sales rep, typically measured in touches, conversations, or time. When the sales process is engaging, it increases the number of interactions between the prospect and the sales rep. This opens up more lines of communication (with potentially more people) across multiple channels: phone, email, video, live demos, etc.

What is a sales engagement platform?

Essentially, a sales engagement platform (SEP) marries the efforts of sales and marketing into a one-stop, easy-to-use software. While sales outreach is a part of a sales engagement platform, the platform doesn’t just stop at outreach. It evaluates the outreach and improves it. It measures your performance while performing. Not only are you able to analyze sales and communication, but you will have the ability to automate and personalize your sales outreach as well, which increases likelihood of having a successful sale. Also, it becomes the home base for all of your communications to make you faster and more effective in your sales process. It is the one-stop-shop tool for all of your communication, content, and analytic needs.

So, how can a sales engagement platform help you reach more people, set more appointments, and ultimately close more deals? Here 3 ways a sales engagement platform can benefit your team:

1. SEPs help you communicate better.

Communication is the most important element that a sales engagement platform can improve in your business. By streamlining any and all of your various communication mediums – video, email, social and even your phone – it allows you to keep your lines of communication in one easy and accessible place. Gone are the days of having to check all of your different communication avenues. Now you can conduct your outreach and communication in one spot, while tracking and measuring the success of results at the same time. A sales engagement platform also manages your outgoing content. You can store all of your created content in an organized space that makes sending content easier than ever before.

2. SEPs make (and keep) you efficient.

A sales engagement platform enables you to work more efficiently, and as a result, get more work done. Efficiency can be hard to maintain, especially with all of the distractions that face us today. With a sales engagement platform, you can streamline your work by keeping everything in one spot. Instead of having to jump between windows, juggle different softwares and platforms, and trying to track down threads of conversation from three days ago, you will be able to navigate all of that within one, easy-to-use platform. Plus, keeping all your work in one spot can cut down on the temptation for superfluous web surfing that could happen when switching between a bunch of different platforms.

3. SEPs help you sell better.

Tracking your success rate is a huge benefit of the digital era. A sales engagement platform makes your life easier while helping you understand which KPIs are performing well and which are not, ultimately helping you perform better at work. By keeping everything in the same, easily accessible location, a SEP tracks what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to make smarter and more informed sales decisions based on the strategies that have worked in the past. Essentially, it does the leg work for you, and all you need to do is say “OK.”

Do I need a sales engagement platform for my business?

Short answer? Yes, definitely.

There is no better companion to your sales team than a sales engagement platform. This eliminates all the moving pieces that could muddy up the details, spreading all of your most relevant information a2cross a span of hard drives, a multitude of email accounts, or even in file cabinets that no one has opened in years.

You just can’t afford to not make your job, and ultimately your life, easier with software like this. Without it, you’ll be left in the dust of smarter and more successful companies that made the right decision. There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be part of the competition.

vidREACH’s sales engagement platform will organize, stabilize, and revitalize the way you work. Using vidREACH workFLOW you can completely personalize and automate all your communications and engagement processes with just one platform.

Have questions about finding the right sales engagement platform for your company? We are here to help.

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