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vidREACH Announces Managed Services Offering

vidREACH Announces Managed Services Offering

vidREACH Announces Managed Services Offering; Helping All Companies Create and Execute Solid Lead Generation Strategies That Produce Results

vidREACH now offers video-powered email managed services to create and execute custom lead generation strategies for businesses. 

ALPHARETTA, Georgia – Oct 29, 2019 – vidREACH, the leading video email and sales engagement platform, is redefining the lead generation process for businesses. Available now, businesses can utilize custom managed services designed to recharge and revitalize lead generation across industries.

vidREACH’s managed services offering is perfect for any business looking to create or revamp its lead generation strategy. vidREACH helps brands create custom strategies that engage prospects with video and email to bring in high-quality sales leads. 

According to ZoomInfo, outsourcing lead generation is 43% more efficient than doing it in-house. 

“There is a clear need for video in the sales engagement space. Companies want to engage leads and prospects using video, but don’t have the time or resources to invest in video, nor do they have the methodology to ensure outreach is sent in a timely fashion.”, says Sean Gordon, CEO of vidREACH. “That’s where vidREACH stands in the gap and acts as a partner to engage leads and prospects with video and email. Our customers are seeing a 7x increase in open and click rates with our lead generation strategies.” 

vidREACH—take your outreach to the next level.

vidREACH Managed Services are crafted to each customers’ specific lead generation needs. With over 40+ years of combined experience, vidREACH’s lead generation experts help businesses that have no lead generation strategy and no time to devote to lead generation, or businesses that want to expand into new verticals and need help nailing down the perfect message. 

What can you expect from vidREACH Managed Services?

  • Custom Lead Generation Strategy: vidREACH creates custom lead generation strategies based on each client’s unique business goals.  
  • Video Creation: Our in-house video experts create 4 custom videos per month to drive your custom lead generation strategy.
  • Video Email and Workflows: vidREACH implements video email campaigns and workflows on behalf of every client so that follow-up is consistent and timely.
  • Appointment Setting: vidREACH places qualified appointments on clients’ calendars so that each customer can focus on what really matters – closing deals. 

vidREACH’s video email, workflow, and managed services offerings allow businesses to utilize whichever custom outreach method best serves their business goals. 

More Information:

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vidREACH is a personalized video email and sales engagement platform that helps businesses engage their audiences, bring in more leads and close more deals. With a goal to help all teams reach their full potential, vidREACH provides full-scale lead generation strategies for customers looking to expand their reach beyond traditional methods.

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