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Video Marketing is Changing the Game


Did you know that by 2019, 80 percent of internet traffic will be video? (Cisco) With the rise of video traffic, it is becoming harder and harder to gain consumers trust. This is why consumers crave authenticity and personalization more and more each day.

Video is the most powerful communication medium in the world and continues to grow rapidly every single year.

A few questions to ask are: Why has video marketing all of the sudden grown like wildfire? How do we use it effectively so that consumers are engaged and responsive to our message?

First, you MUST establish your purpose. What is your intention for using video marketing? Why is it important to your organization? For example, if you wanted to increase your product sales for a specific product, the purpose of your video could be to tell the story behind the product. Why does the product have value? Why is it a necessity for the consumer?

Now, you might be wondering if you need a $10,000 camera to film the coolest video that anyone has ever seen, just to have your product noticed. While that might be an incredible production, it isn’t essential for effective marketing. You can use the resources you have to create meaningful content that effectively engages your consumers.

Below are best practices to create video content for sales and marketing:

Purpose and Goals

As tempting as it might be to just open up your camera and hit record, that might not be the most effective method for reaching your prospects. Take a moment and identify what is most important for your messaging. What is it that you need to convey and how do you want your viewers to receive it? Creating a purpose outline and goals for the video will help you most effectively communicate your message to your viewers so they stay engaged and are more likely to respond.

Be You and Be Unique 

Your video shouldn’t look exactly like everyone else’s. It is okay to create something that is unique to your organization and your product, because the truth is, your organization isn’t like every other organization. Use your unique features and culture to create a unique message that will engage your consumers.  

Align Your Content to Your Prospect  

Consistent branding is important as you market to each of your prospect consumers. But delivering the same message to different companies like Whole Foods or Apple may not resonate well. Before you deliver your content, identify if the information will resonate with your targeted consumer. If not, think about a way to communicate your message, but in a way that is personalized to the target industry.

Tell a Better Story

Don’t lose your audience. Instead of a long list of facts presented in video form, tell a better story. Create content that elicits an emotional response from your viewers, rather than simply providing an excessive amount of information.

Questions to ask when creating your story:

  • Is there an emotional connection for your viewers to engage with?
  • Do you provide information in a way that is new and fresh for your viewers, but consistent with your messaging and brand?

Call to Action

Don’t leave your viewers hanging. What response do you want? If the purpose of your video is to have your viewers take action, then provide them the opportunity to do so. If you have engaged your viewer enough to watch your video all the way through and it leaves them interested, you want to ensure that they are able to take the next step.

Want to learn more about the power of using video marketing in your strategy, we’ve got you covered!


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