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Video Marketing: How Long is Too Long?

Video Marketing: How Long is Too Long?

Video is one of the most effective tools that can guarantee results in a marketing campaign. Using video as a tool in marketing is easy, and anyone can now make effective marketing videos thanks to user-friendly and self-directive video editing software. 

While videos are a good means of getting your marketing message across, getting viewers hooked for the entire length of the video can be an issue and making a video that can convey a message before the viewer tunes out is an important aspect in making an effective marketing video.

Statistics will tell you that 5% of viewers usually stop watching a video at the 1-minute mark; at the 2-minute mark, the figure jumps to a whopping 60%. So, how long should a marketing video be to ensure your target audience gets the intended message? 

Here is a rundown on how long you should consider making your next video.

15 seconds and Below

15 seconds might sound too short for a meaningful marketing video, but with the rise of social media platforms such as TikTok, these short videos are quickly becoming prominent. Short videos are easily shareable, and having a video running for 15 seconds or less increases the chances of it being shared by up to 37%.

If you want to do an explainer video, your best bet to increase the audience and keep them watching is to keep it at 15 seconds or below. Short videos are becoming more popular even with big-time social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It is not far-fetched to find a video lasting for seconds popping up on your social media feed. Videos with 15 seconds or below runtime are effective only if you can create content that is quick and easy to digest.

30 Seconds to 1 Minute

While videos with a runtime ranging between 30 seconds to 1 minute are mostly viewed to completion, the runtime does not leave you much space to convey your message. Videos that last 30 seconds are highly effective if you have a single idea to put across and your intention is to reach a significant crowd. You can use the length to do brief info about a founder or to give a quick preview of a product, or you can run a fast, creative ad.
1 to 3 Minutes

With a video running for 1 to 3 minutes, you can have a good time conveying a complete message to your audience. Three minutes can be watched in its entirety, but only if you make it engaging, interesting and appealing to the audience. You can use this length if your content is about a product overview or if you have some big news you want to give to the audience. Keeping the video somewhere in the middle, say 2 minutes, is a cheat code for effectiveness.

3 to 5 Minutes

When making videos of this length, you have to be careful because things can go wrong. Here, the video has to be engaging from beginning to end, or you risk losing the audience and making a video that will not be effective. Many argue that YouTube videos are mostly in this range, but you have to remember that the majority of YouTube videos of this length are music videos, unboxing videos, and so on.

Using a video of this length gives you all the time you need to put a message across, but you have to find the balance between the length and the ability to keep your audience engaged. A marketing video where you need to get your customers to pay a little more on a product can give you a chance to go for a video between 3 to 5 minutes because customers will need more information than usual.

If your video is a tutorial, you can get away with this length, just remember to keep it interesting, informative and engaging.


Five or More Minutes

When making a marketing video, this is a territory you can think of as too long, and it would be wise to avoid it. Videos this long can only be effective if you have an audience that is waiting for specific content and an audience you have effectively hooked before.


Using Video for Sales Enablement

To be effective, make sure you keep your marketing videos to an appropriate length for the message you’re trying to convey. While a short intro video may only be 10 to 15 seconds, you may need a little more time to explain how your product works. Just keep in mind that audiences today have a shorter attention span than ever before.

The power of video is compelling. Sending custom video campaigns to your prospects not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but exponentially boosts your open and click rates. See how vidREACH can help you get started.


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