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Using Video Marketing To Increase Business

Using Video Marketing To Increase Business

Using Video Marketing To Increase Business

Did you know by 2022, internet video traffic will account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic?

What is online video marketing? Is it really worth the hype?

We get the hesitation. It’s new, it’s trendy, and it can be intimidating. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let’s take a closer look at how to do video marketing and how using video can increase business.

Plain and simple: video does what other methods of communication can’t. It provides personalized and authentic interaction with your audience. Video creates a space for your business to tell a story that makes your audience feel as if they were face-to-face. Still not convinced?

Here are 6 ways that video marketing can help your brand:

1. Video marketing builds trust. 

How would you describe the brand identity of your company? Is it distinct?

Brand identity is important for your company’s growth. It can make or break your business. Video is a great way to organically display and boost brand identity. A major component of a strong brand identity includes being credible and trustworthy. By integrating video into your communication process, you build trust with your audience. ‘It helps you showcase your brand by putting a face to it. Video helps paint an authentic story when marketing your business to consumers. Companies are using video each and every day to display an inside look into their daily operations.

A great place to start is with your brand story. Who are you? What problems do you solve? You can use videos to explain your story, values, mission, and goals. Consumers are more likely to do business with credible brands who are established than those who are not, and a surefire way to build credibility is through video marketing.

Another way your organization can build trust through video is with customer testimonials. These take the focus off of internal communications and let your clients tell their side of the story. It shows real people using your solution to solve real problems. The key with customer testimonials is to ensure that they don’t seem coached. They have to be transparent and authentic. The story that your customers tell about you speaks louder than the story that you tell, so make sure that your videos feel real.

Lastly, video builds consumer trust through direct engagement. If you’re in sales, have you ever considered adding a video to your follow-up? The power of personalization is almost unstoppable. Consumers love to be seen and feel like their problems are valid and important to you. Video makes space for you to show your audience that you see them specifically and that their problems are your top priority.

If you are currently using video, think about ways your team can personalize your outreach. If you aren’t using video yet, in what ways could a personalized video transform your outreach process?

2. Video marketing engages more effectively.

Using video helps your team cut through the noise. Whether you are in a highly-saturated market or a niche market, video can be a more effective solution for your outreach and communication process.

When creating content for your audience, half the struggle is making something that people will open and retain. What grabs your attention when scrolling online? What types of content are most engaging? Do you gravitate more towards flat text or do your eyes instantly go towards the video on the screen? We are naturally attracted to motion, so it’s likely your prospects will be more drawn to video than text.

Not only does video grab your audience’s attention better than text, video also provides a more engaging experience for your viewer. Video can elicit an emotional response or demand a call-to-action response. Your brain naturally processes video quicker than text. Text is linear, but video is dynamic and allows for a quicker response from your brain.

3. Video marketing improves brand recall.

Have you ever seen a commercial and remembered the brand associated with it because of the advertisement you watched? Video helps drive brand recall for viewers. Super Bowl ads are a prime example of how video advertisements can curate cognitive memory storage of a brand. Video helps you package information you are trying to relay in a short narrative in a way that text can’t. People will always be more likely to remember a story over facts. Using video accommodates a different learning style that allows visual aids to translate information to the consumer, causing better brand recall and recognition.

4. Video marketing displays personality.

There are endless opportunities to display your brand personality through the power of video. Video breaks down the static approach of text, and allows your viewer to engage virtually with a real human. Video is the perfect avenue for your team to display your company culture.

This is the place to loosen up a little bit and display what makes you unique and fun. Companies use video to display their personality in hiring, onboarding, training, and prospecting. Take a moment and think about how integrating video into your business could better display your culture, employees, hiring process, and outreach efforts. How would video transform the way your customers see you and your product/service?

5. Video marketing drives mobile engagement.

As consumers, we constantly engage with advertisements via our smartphones. Consumers are more likely to engage with a video while scrolling through a social media outlet than stopping to read a long blurb of text. Video is a great way to quickly grab your audience’s attention.

6. Video marketing improves SEO.

Search engines use time on site to help determine ranking for whether your company provides what users are looking for. Video keeps your audience on the page longer, and search engines read this as you providing valuable information your visitor desires. This can help boost your search engine rankings.

Ready to integrate video into your business operations? We’ve got you covered.

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