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Top 5 Video Marketing Trends to Try in 2022

By Sean Gordon
Top 5 Video Marketing Trends to Try in 2022

Video content has immensely increased in popularity, with recent stats indicating that YouTube alone attracts over a billion active users who spend more than 500 hours daily on the platform. 

Do you know what that means? If your organization hasn't placed video content at the forefront of your marketing campaigns, you're missing out and your competition is getting ahead. It's never too late to start, and we hope to help you get the ball rolling with these must-try video marketing trends for 2022. 

The rise of 360-degree videos

360-degree videos allow viewers to see your product from every angle possible. They can even look up at the sky and see everything as though they were flying above your store. This makes them highly appealing because it gives customers a sense of being able to experience your products firsthand.

More and more people will use VR technology

Virtual reality (VR) technology is on the rise, and it's taking the video world by storm. In marketing, VR presents a colossal opportunity to develop creative ways to build customer value, distinguish your brand from the competition, and give your business a competitive advantage.

For instance, many companies are already using VR headsets to take customers and prospects through virtual tours, and the response is overwhelming, especially with COVID-19 lockdowns. We can only expect this trend to grow stronger in 2022 and beyond.

Livestreaming will become mainstream

Livestreaming allows companies to broadcast their events directly to their followers. It also provides a great way to interact with customers during virtual trade shows. Presently, many businesses use live streaming to improve customer service, as it enables you to address issues in real-time.

Livestreaming also portrays your authoritativeness by demonstrating your ability to show knowledge of your products or services immediately. Presenting your content on live video also paints you as confident, reliable, and available to interact with your audience.

Explainer Videos

Would you rather read a whole pamphlet with instructions on how to use a particular product or watch someone explain everything as simple as possible in a video? 

According to HubSpot, a staggering 94% of people report watching explainer videos to discover more details about a product, with 84% ending up making a purchase. This high success rate is attributable to the fact that short-form explainer videos are more visually appealing, compelling, and efficient, making them a timeless asset for sales and marketing. 

Social media stories will become more prevalent

Social media stories are one of the best digital resources for using video for customer prospecting. If you want to create better video marketing content, you should consider telling compelling stories via texts and images. 

There's no better platform for this cause than social media stories on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. These are short videos that feature a single image or graphic along with some text. They're excellent in showcasing your company's culture or brand personality. And according to research, they're one of the best ways to increase engagement. 

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