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Tips for Creating Personalized Sales Videos

Tips for Creating Personalized Sales Videos

Gone are the days when you could send out mass marketing emails and hope to generate returns. Consumers are becoming more educated than ever, and they've done their research on you. They expect you to learn a little about them in return.

Enter Personalized Video Marketing

A personal video not only tells the customer that you know who they are, but it also shows them that they are of value to you. And don't worry - you can still create personalized videos for each one of your clients, even if your database is in the thousands.
Keep reading to learn our tips for maximizing your time and marketing efforts with the perfect personalized sales videos.

Embrace Automation

Before we go into detail about our other tips for creating personal sales videos, we'll address the likely question that's on your mind. Just how is it possible to deliver personal videos to mass audiences?

The answer is automation. You'll need to embrace automation as a part of your sales process in order to create the most effective sales videos.

VidReach uses a video recording software called workFLOWS where you can customize when your contacts will get certain emails, videos, based on timing and behaviors. You can customize certain parts of videos that potential clients see and the order in which they see them.

So before you start making any sales-oriented videos, invest in software that will do some of the work for you.

Give the Customer Your Full Attention

Now it's time to focus on how you deliver your message.

Even though you're in a digital space, your viewers can tell whether or not you're fully engaged. If you want to make watching the video feel like a personal experience, you'll need to provide your full attention to the camera. This means maintaining direct eye contact the whole time. Look at the camera as if you're talking to an old friend. It may help to have a team member sitting behind the lens to make you more comfortable.

Have an idea of what you'll say before you start recording. No matter how great you may be at improv, your viewers will know if you're winging it. That being said, don't be over-scripted. It's obvious when someone's reciting a memorized monologue rather.

Prepare a general outline for what you're saying to keep you on track. Then, do your best to be present. If you're still having a hard time, our personalized video technology has a teleprompter to help ease the nerves.

Make sure to eliminate distractions before you start recording. Turn your cell phone off and place it out of reach. Film during a quiet time of day with little outside noise.

Use More Customer Information

A few years ago, sending an email to a customer with their name in it was like a magic trick. Now, it's old news.

If you want your sales videos to stand out to customers, you'll have to use your personalized video technology to communicate with a message just for them.

When you're talking about certain products or initiatives, your customers will be much more pleased if they see their logo on your mockup. Consider subbing out your pictures for pictures of their company or team members. Add their name to paperwork and lists that appear on the screen.

Everyone likes hearing their name. When your video presents information specifically tailored toward the viewer, it will make that organization feel like it is your most important client. And the open rate of your videos will increase when customers can expect unique content.

Be Dynamic

Despite being a screen away, you can make your viewers feel like they're in the same room as you by being as engaging as possible. Don't sit in the same position the entire time and deliver a speech. No one will be able to pay attention to that for long. Instead, move around during your presentation. Use hand gestures, draw on the whiteboard behind you, and even demonstrate your product. Break up your speaking using strategic pauses. Give your viewers time to react to what you're saying and apply their own experience to your product. Ask a few questions during the video to encourage reflection on their needs.

Thank Future Customers With Empathy

Most sales videos will have a "thank you for watching" casually mentioned at some point. But how many sales videos do you see that give their viewers a heartfelt thank-you, actually acknowledging their feelings and hard work?

Take some time to think about your customer base. Who are the types of people watching your videos? They deserve a thank you catered to them.

And you don't need to go digging to find deep personal information on every customer you have. Just consider the content you offer and why people may be watching it.

For instance, if you're creating a sales video to be sent to a few tech companies that you would like to sell your product, mention some of the qualities that a start-up usually has and why you're grateful that they are considering you.

Even if you can't find a clever thank-you, you can still be successful if you communicate with genuine emotion.

Making Your Personal Video

Transform your sales results by introducing personalized video campaigns. With some hard work at the beginning of the process, you'll soon reap the rewards of higher click-through rates, more engagement, and a growing customer base.

Get started on your first personal video for future clients by getting in touch with our team. Sign up for VidREACH's free trial to see for yourself all of the benefits that personalized videos will add to your sales campaign!

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