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Tips and Tricks for Creating Better Videos

Tips and Tricks for Creating Better Videos

Collectively, we can most likely say that we are thankful for technological advancements that allow us to connect quicker and more efficiently with our prospects. With such an increased spur of automation and technology, it can be difficult to commit to making a personal connection with our target audience.

Since personalization is a key part of business, how do we effectively use the tools and resources we have to cultivate a better and more authentic relationship with our consumers? Video has shifted the way that organizations engage with their audience. With over 80 percent of all content on the internet being video-centric, it is important that we raise conversations about cultivating effective and personal content.

Does your organization use video in your business operations in outbound efforts, internal coaching, and training, or throughout your entire sales process? If so, you may have found that the vision of a perfectly produced video seldom comes to fruition as you imagined.

Today our team wants to provide you with 10 video-making tips and tricks to help create personalized and authentic videos that are effective and easy to create.

First, let’s talk about the content of your video.

Keep the length of your video on the shorter side.

When creating your video, it is best to create a vision board and road map of exactly where you want to go. The last thing you or your viewer want to experience is a long video rambling about things that are not important to the actual point of your video. If you are worried about being on camera, practice a few times before recording to ensure that your 30-second video doesn’t wind up to be 5 minutes. Keep it short and simple. The more concise your video is the more effective it will be. We, humans, lose focus easily, so try and keep it as condensed as possible while still covering your key topics.  

Pick a specific topic.

Along with keeping it concise, it is important that your road map includes exactly where you want to take your viewer within the topic you are covering. What is the story that you want to tell? What is the journey you want your viewer to go on? Once you have determined where you want to go with your video, create 2-3 main points that must be covered in your video. Broad topics can easily lead you and your viewer down a rabbit hole, so be sure to hone in on specific areas within your topic. We receive and translate small bits of information most effectively. Take a moment and think about what is the most important information that needs to be shared and stick to that when creating your topics.

Get personal.

People matter. Make them feel seen and known in your video. You can cultivate a personalized aspect of your videos while still having a large audience of viewers. Take a moment after road-mapping your main points and look for key areas where personalization can play a part. This could include adding in generalized yet specific pieces of information about your target audience to show them that you care. If you have a small target audience of viewers, you can always add something as simple as their title or industry niche. This adds a level of personalization to your generalized message. Seventy-eight percent of consumers have a higher purchase intent when the message is delivered with a personalized touch.

Present a problem and a resolution.

Address a specific problem that your target audience faces or struggles with, and then appropriately present a resolution. This shows your consumers that you see them and that your product or solution is able to help them with their current pains and problems.

Now that you’ve got a solid foundation of content, let’s take a look at how to make your videos look better.

Check your surroundings.

Maybe you have a Fathead of Tom Brady in your office or a large customized painting of your favorite pet. As much as we love personally customizing our spaces, having a Tom Brady Fathead peeking from behind your head on your video may not deliver the best possible message.

Delivery is everything, so by paying attention to the small details during the production of your video you can produce the best possible message for your audience to receive. Check before you begin recording your video to see what your surroundings look like. Clean your desk space, if it can be seen in your video. Ensure that the area is organized and minimal. You want your message to be the main focus, so don’t let distractions overpower the message that you have worked so hard on delivering.


If you really want the secret for how to make your videos look better, the answer is all in the lighting. Have you ever taken a selfie or been in a photo where the lighting destroyed a perfectly good picture? Lighting can be your very best friend or your worst enemy when recording yourself on video. There is a healthy balance between having too much lighting and not enough lighting. You don’t want to totally be in the dark when filming a video, but you also don’t want the exposure of your face to be too washed out.

When looking to film a video, always look for a place that has great natural light. Use the sun to your advantage. Once you find with good natural light, you can use secondary light to highlight where your natural light may not be working to your advantage. If you are in a place where you can solely use natural light, position your camera facing away from the sunlight. Always have your face to the sunlight and camera away from it. This will pick up the best lighting on your face with limited shadows and the perfect amount of exposure.

Be mindful of your posture.

Let’s be real: bad posture looks bad on and off-camera. Try not to slouch or be incredibly relaxed. Your non-verbal communication will speak equally as loud as your verbal communication. Be confident and have a professional body posture, so that the main focus is on the message being delivered, not your slouchy posture.

Keep a steady vocal cadence.

Avoid vocal fry if possible. It can be distracting and is a quick way for you to lose credibility with your audience. Your voice is where your confidence is most displayed in your video. Keep an engaging tone when speaking to your audience, and let them know that you know exactly what you are speaking on. You’ve got this!

Hone your delivery and timing.

Make sure to fully enunciate your words when speaking. Don’t rush. Talk in a confident voice cadence and at a good pace. If you are nervous, take a deep breath, and talk slower than you normally would. More than likely, your nerves will speed up your video to the normal pace that it should be. This will prevent you from speeding through your video, and your message coming across rushed.

Dress the part.

Dress for your situation. Keep it professional and minimal. Keeping your attire to neutrals and minimal accessories allows the focus to stay on the message continually.

Each of these video making tips and tricks will help cultivate transformational videos that produce the most effective messaging and delivery to your audience. You now have everything that you need for your team to create simple yet powerful videos. So get out there and start filming. You’ve got this.

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