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The Sales Handbook: How to Get on the Radar

The Sales Handbook: How to Get on the Radar

What do you have to say?

In sales, if you don’t have something to say, you might as well not say anything. 

No one wants another email piling into their inbox with some generic, flat pitch that prompts an automatic ‘delete’.

Getting on someone’s radar takes effort. It requires consistency, great messaging, a personalized touch, and more importantly, a helpful solution to the prospect’s problem. 

Here are a few tangible ways to get on the radar and start closing deals.

Provide a solution

Offer a solution to your audience. When it comes down to it, you’re not selling a product. You’re selling a solution to a problem. Without a clearly defined solution in your sales handbook, you likely will not receive any responses from your contact lists. 

Take the time to thoughtfully and tactfully position your pitch in a way that focuses on helping your prospect. If you are shooting out emails that do nothing but hype your brand, you’re not doing yourself or your prospect any favors. 

Help your prospect by providing a tangible solution to their problem. If you pitch it right, you’re well on your way to a deal. 

Make it personal

Personalization means more than addressing your recipient by name. It means that you have to do a little digging. What role does this person play at their company? What problem does their company solve for its customers? What might their potential pains and strains be? How can you create a specific solution to their problem? 

Making your sales outreach personal takes work, plain and simple. We’re not saying you have to take a deep dive into the personal and professional lives of every single potential prospect. No one has that kind of time, and quite frankly, it can get a bit creepy. However, by creating ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas, you can narrow down a potential prospect’s pain points and craft your messaging accordingly. Personalizing doesn’t mean stalking. Don’t be that person. 

Use video

The easiest and most effective way to make sales outreach personal is with video. Sending a personalized, thoughtful video email to a prospect is a great way to create solid relationships, build credibility, and make outreach more unique for the prospect. And if you are nervous about getting behind the camera (even if it’s just your phone camera), here are a few tips to help you out. 

Be consistent

We know that finding time to follow up on sales outreach is tough. Between sales calls, internal meetings, and initial outreach, following up typically gets shoved to the backburner. 

However, failing to follow up means you are neglecting a large pool of potential prospects that need nurturing and consistent contact. The typical sales rep gives up after just 2 touches, but most prospects are converted after 6 touches. You can see the problem here. Consistency is key in getting on a prospect’s radar and closing the deal. The easiest way to stay consistent is to implement workflows that allow you to prospect in the background while actively working to close deals already deeper in your sales funnel.

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