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Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement Tools

Every company is looking to grab their audience’s attention. Attention and engagement have quickly become the gauge of a successful marketing campaign. However, we rarely consider sales in gauging audience and campaign success. This is mostly because sales doesn’t necessarily draw the eyes that a good ad campaign can, but we shouldn’t overlook the weight contribution of a good sales team.

That’s why more and more companies are combining sales and marketing efforts. Marketing and sales are both powerful departments in your business on their own, but when paired can create a more powerful, dynamic relationship for your organization. Since your sales team is the face of your company, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that they are equipped with the content and tools that they need to effectively sell your product.

Enter: sales enablement tools.

Sales enablement tools can be used by both sales and marketing teams, allowing both teams to operate at the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. You will need to know exactly what you are looking for, as every company and team have vastly different needs and expectations.

Let’s take a deep-dive of all that sales enablement tools can do to help your company sell:

Sales Enablement Tools: How They Work

Sales enablement technology works to make the sales process a much smoother experience for the sales team and the prospect. There is a variety of technologies available on the market, and they all offer different methods to help your sales and marketing teams expedite the sales cycle.

By giving a deeper insight to the prospective customer, they are able to identify and better understand the journey of the buyer. What are their needs? What made them pop up on your radar? How can you best fit those needs? After these assessments, your teams will have a better opportunity to generate more profitable leads going forward. Not only will these tools generate new leads, but they can also be used to follow-up with prospective clients and increases the chances of closing a sale.

A tricky thing about generating leads (especially if your teams are generating a lot of leads) is maintaining a personal connection with each lead. Each one of your customers will require a different sales experience, whether you have 10 customers or 100. A sales enablement tool helps to customize and personalize each account’s experience to see content that has been optimized specifically for that client. Content could consist of presentations, blogs, videos, newsletters, instructional pieces, or any other client-facing content that you are creating. Sales enablement technology is perfect for housing this content because marketing teams spend hours of work on content that could potentially remain unseen or inaccessible. But if you are able to file your content for specific people in specific places, it makes use of all of that unused material.

Sales enablement tools help you to broaden your vision from the day-to-day operations of your business to the big picture. From here, you could anticipate moments of sales inefficiency before they happen. An inefficient sales process damages your company’s reputation and hurts your bottom line, so knowing what is coming down the pipe and how/when to handle it is the key to keeping things running smoothly.

Most importantly, sales enablement technology helps you to optimize your analytics. By optimizing your analytics and KPIs, you can focus your sales process, repeat what has worked in the past, and avoid what didn’t. This makes your work more productive, allowing you to redirect manpower to the most important steps in your process.

How vidREACH can help you

By integrating vidREACH sales engagement platform into your current inbound or outbound lead generation process, you can create and implement personalized video emails that increase prospect engagement. Personalized engagement impacts your entire sales pipeline, potentially increasing your conversion rates by more than 64% month-over-month.

Make your time count by gaining attention through personalized and creative messaging, and make your sales and marketing outreach stand out by sending prospects a customized video that outlines your value prop in a creative and engaging way. Attention is absolutely everything in this sales. vidREACH will be able to help you drive attention like you could not before.

Do you need sales enablement technology for your sales team? vidREACH is here to help!

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