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11 Ways to Use Personalized Video for Real Estate

11 Ways to Use Personalized Video for Real Estate

The housing market is hot, and marketing homes in a saturated market can be tough. But did you know that homes listed with video get 4x the inquiries of homes listed without video?

For agents trying to penetrate a crowded market, video for real estate can be an essential tool that helps you stand out from the competition.

Here are 11 types of real estate videos you can create that are sure to pack a punch in a hot market:

1. Listing Overview

Perhaps the most “classic” type of real estate video, a listing overview helps highlight the features that make a home truly unique. Whether this is a simple walk-through or a full guided introduction to the property is up to you. Whichever direction you take, be sure that your video is high-quality enough to properly show off the property. 

2. First-Time Home Buyer or Seller Advice

For first-time buyers and sellers, tips and tricks are essential to creating a sense of peace during the process. Create a simple video outlining the buying and selling processes, including what to expect and any additional advice you think will be relevant. Feel free to make these videos unique to each client. Personalization goes a long way – especially when clients have trusted you with helping them on such an important journey.

3. Special Offers

Does your agency have seasonal special offers or offers for first-time buyers and sellers? Have you have partnered with a mortgage firm or moving company? Video is a great, personal way to let your clients know about it.

4. Agent Introduction

Your clients trust you to help them buy or sell a home. That’s huge! Go the extra mile and give them a video introduction of who you are, what you’re passionate about, how you’re going to help them along the way, and how important they are to you as a client. You can script this out and create an “all-inclusive” introduction for every client, but consider adding a personal touch by creating a video for every new client you take on. No need for a script – just be yourself. 

5. Brand Promos 

Brand promo videos are the highlight reel of your agency. These videos tell the story of your brand, your values, and your achievements. With brand promos, you can give clients a company or team overview, or use it to market your agency. 

6. Follow-Ups

Did you just wrap up a sale? Send your clients a video to check-in! Letting your clients know that you are available for additional questions or support after the buying or selling experience is over is a great way to augment the process. 

7. Tips for Buying, Selling, or Moving

Giving a few tips and tricks for buying and selling is a great way to engage your clients through video. Consider practical tips such as how to stage a home, how to prepare for a showing, questions to ask at an open house, tips for packing, or a give list of utilities to set up or cancel after moving.

8. Housing Market Updates

The housing marketing is always changing, and it varies depending on your location. A great way to keep buyers and sellers up-to-date on the state of the market is to record a quick video. Give them the rundown on any market changes and what that will mean for them as they move along their buying or selling journeys. 

9. Team or Office Culture

If you work on a team, it’s important to let your clients know how your team works together and what your culture looks like. A tour of your office or a virtual “meet-the-team” video lets potential clients have a peep into day-to-day life in your office. Does your team host or participate in charity events? Do you have team-building retreats or attend conferences? Show your clients! 

10. Client Testimonials

Happy customers are the best advertisement. If they are willing, ask former clients to record a small video testimonial about their buying or selling experience and about their experience working with you and your team. A good testimonial can go a long way, and potential clients are more likely to hop on board if they hear about another client’s experience first. 

11. Neighborhood Culture Highlight

Neighborhood culture can make or break a sale. Factors like schools, amenities, walkability, etc. weigh heavily in a client’s decision to buy. By showcasing the neighborhood through video, clients can get a good sense of day-to-day life in the area. Be sure to touch on key amenities and what makes the area unique.

Want to learn more about how video can help agents and homes stand out in the housing market? Let us show you the ins and outs of using video for real estate.

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