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Learn How Video Helps Increase Marketing Engagement

Learn How Video Helps Increase Marketing Engagement

Consumers today are visual people. Did you know that video will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2021? Video is not a new, revolutionary tactic in marketing efforts. However, the ways in which we develop it and use it to our benefit as organizations can be revolutionary. As organizations, we want to develop a captivating content arsenal that brings innovation and drives engagement marketing to our target audience. Video marketing is more than simply trying to engage your prospect, rather it encompasses the idea of telling a better story.

What story has your organization been trying to tell that isn’t resonating with your audience? Perhaps, the way we engage with our prospects isn’t maximizing our ability to integrate innovation as we drive marketing engagement.

Let’s talk through three ways your organization can use video in your marketing engagement strategy to nab your audience’s attention in a new, fresh, and exciting way.  

Show, Don’t Tell, A Better Story

There is an immense amount of noise in the world today. Every day, our timelines are consistently and constantly packed with new information. There is hardly ever a moment of silence. So the question becomes: how do we make a way through the noise so that our message is impactful?

Let’s start here: Exactly what about your brand separates you from all the noise of your competition? What makes you unique, and why should that matter to your prospects?

Video is the perfect complement for brand storytelling and engagement marketing. It allows tangible and vital information to be communicated in an engaging and effective way. Video makes your audience feel like they are seen and are apart of something bigger than themselves. By creating a visual connection with your target audience, you create memorable and impactful communication that sets you apart from the competition.

Meet Your People Where They Are

With such a variety of technologies emerging daily, it’s hard not to be where your people are and still get a relevant message across. Using video in your marketing engagement strategy is a collision of innovation and receptivity. It meets your consumer where they are, and in a non-alarming way, allows new information to be seamlessly delivered, received, and acted upon.

Have you ever been waiting in line at a retail store with a queue line filled with small grab-and-go items you never knew you needed? (Shout out to gum!) All of a sudden you find your cart filled with additional purchases you never intended buying.

This is the primary marketing positioning. Video marketing has the same effect. It places new information right in front of your consumer in a natural yet engaging way. If you meet your consumers where they already are, they will be more likely to engage with the information you are wanting to share with them.

Foster Authenticity

Finally, video helps to increase marketing engagement by fostering authenticity on your social platforms. There are over 2 billion worldwide social media users. Once we combine that number with the fact that video accounts for over 80% of consumer traffic, it creates an enormous platform for your message to be delivered to your audience. Social media outlets are transitioning to foster video content curation in order to provide a unique way to connect with users across every platform.

Fostering authentic content across all of your social media platforms doesn’t mean you have to tell users everything there is to know about your company. Rather, it just means you need to tell an honest story that is compelling and engaging and meets the consumer right where they are. This could include featuring real customer-generated content or displaying use case scenarios through video. No matter how you structure your content via video, always make sure that your video tells a story that is engaging but true to who you are and what you solve for.

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