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How Video Messaging Can Change The Way You Do Business

How Video Messaging Can Change The Way You Do Business

We talk a lot about how video is the king of content, and this is really only clear after we have begun to implement it. Once video becomes a tool that we use, it will quickly become a tool that we depend on. From educating employees to engaging customers, video messaging has effectively changed the way we operate our businesses. More than anything, it’s changed the way we communicate.

Here are 4 ways that you can implement video messaging to make your company greater:

1. Natural Engagement

Videos are naturally engaging, and the combination of moving images and sounds captivate the attention of any audience. The more time you spend on the actual production of video, the better the end-product will be. Once you have crafted your premise and your script, workshop it to make sure it is the very best it can be. A well-made corporate video can engage the audience and educate them about how your company works, and even how your product can benefit them.

2. Customer Loyalty

The beauty of the customer relationship is that once they’ve signed onto your company, that relationship is not over. It’s an ongoing, evolving communicative process, wherein they need to be able to trust that your company is easy to get in touch with. Instead of just relying on phone calls and emails for direct communication, take it a step further by creating personalized videos for your customers informing them of updates, how-tos and any other pertinent information they might need. By personalizing these videos, you are adding an extra personal touch that will ensure the customer knows that they are in good hands, and any questions they have will be answered promptly.

3. Quick Messages

Brevity is quite possibly the best part of video messaging. You can quickly disseminate necessary information, which will hold the attention of your audience even better. With the way the world works these days, any relevant information has to be available in a format that can be consumed quickly. Otherwise, you will get left behind. What if you have more complex topics to cover? Well, then your videos should be highly entertaining if you want it to be watched. Or you could do a series of videos over a number of weeks, and even link out to articles for your audience to go a little deeper if they want to. But the greatest strength of video messaging is keeping it short, sweet and to the point.

4. Consistent Messaging

Keeping your branding and messaging consistent can be difficult to do, but video makes this much, much easier. By crafting your messaging from a singular point of contact from your company, you cut down on any possibility of mistakes and inconsistencies that you might get with your message coming from a couple of different places. On top of that, YOU control what’s in the script and the point that your company is trying to get across. Video not only establishes consistent messaging within your company, but it also empowers you to take control of your company’s brand.

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