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How to Use Video Marketing for Lead Generation

How to Use Video Marketing for Lead Generation

How To: Video Marketing for Lead Generation

Are you having trouble generating leads for your business? Lead generation can all boil down to one thing: video marketing. You either use it or you don’t, and if you don’t, you are missing a giant lead generation opportunity. It’s no secret that video marketing is the name of the game in 2020, with 87% of marketing teams using video marketing as a lead gen tool. so there’s no need to be behind the curve! 

Wondering how to use video marketing for lead generation campaigns? Here are 3 types of video marketing methods you can invest in today:

Make video the focus of your campaigns.

Once you get rolling on a new campaign, try integrating video as a new tool (if you haven’t already)! There are a few different ways to do this, but you will have the most success if you are making video the focus of your campaign. Whatever information you’re trying to convey in writing will be better understood and interpreted as a visual. Every single time. Make a list of what you’re trying to tell your audience, and take a look at how feasible making a video would be. 

Are you including a testimonial? Get one of your customers to sit and answer questions about how your product solved their problems. Showing your audience that real people have successfully used your product and are raving about it will encourage prospects to take the leap and make a purchase. 

Do you need a tutorial? Make a video with one of the most charismatic members of your sales team, explaining how your product works. 

Do you have the team to make the video? If you don’t have a marketing team with video creation and editing experience, hire someone to do it for you! If you can’t afford to hire professionals, take a look at some freelancers or students who can work with your budget a little more. There are plenty of creative people out there, so go find them!

Use strategic calls-to-action.

Adding a call to action at the end of your videos give your audience an opportunity to interact with your brand. Without the option to click on something that either takes the viewer to your page or interact with your company at all, they are much more likely to skip you over for something else. Without something like this in place, there’s no telling how many opportunities you’re missing on making connections with your audience! Consider using a form at the end of a video so that you can get to know the viewer a little better. Offer to sign them up for a newsletter or maybe even a free demo of your product.

While it’s important to have something like this in place, you also want to be incredibly careful that you are not overstepping with your audience. You need the call to action to be engaging, purposeful and, most importantly, not annoying. How often do you skip moments of engagement with your own web browsing? If there’s a brand that you are following or interacting with, you will more than likely avoid them like the plague if they are relentlessly pursuing your business. It’s funny, we need to strike this soft balance between actively pursuing leads while being sensitive to the fact that your work could turn into irritation in the blink of an eye. You will need to find that sweet spot in between and operate there. 

Implement email gates.

Email gates are a great way to collect the email addresses of your audience that will then allow you to follow up with them. Sure, this might create a barrier between prospective customers and your content, but it’s a great way to collect data on who your viewers are and what they might need from you. It will also track the viewing habits of this user, giving you an insight into what your audience is looking for. This insight will give you an edge on any potential competition you might be facing because you will be able to create the content that people are looking for.

Email gates are great for data collection, but you will want to make sure that your content is the perfect fit for this strategy because people will only supply their email address if they feel the information will be beneficial. Worst case scenario, they move on. But we don’t want that! So use the email gate approach sparingly, making your content specifically for this approach. 

Do you need more ideas for generating leads with video marketing? Want to see how we here at vidREACH use video marketing for lead generation? Schedule a live demo and we’ll show you!

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