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How to maximize virtual marketing with equipment you already have

How to maximize virtual marketing with equipment you already have

Video messaging is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools for businesses to engage with their clients and stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your video content is executed well.  

While a video marketing platform can help you streamline the process of creating and managing your sales videos, the temptation to go out and buy the latest equipment and software exists. And that’s entirely understandable! Before you start window shopping online, there are some things you can do from your side of the screen to record better videos before breaking the bank.

Here are some of the best ways to maximize the equipment you may already have to create professional-looking videos.


The first topic you generally learn about in film school is lighting. That’s because the position and type of lighting have a drastic impact on angles, shadows, and mood.

Ring lights, usually placed in front of the subject, are a popular tool to create flattering light on camera because of the way the ring-shaped strip of LED lights minimizes shadows. There are many options for ring lights, including ones that mount to your computer screen next to your webcam or ones that can be used with a tripod.

You can create a similar effect without a ring light by controlling the direction of your light source. Avoid sitting directly under a light because it will cast unflattering shadows under your eyes and nose. In the same vein, don’t sit directly in front of the light source to avoid being backlit or forming a dark silhouette.

Instead, use a soft light - either natural light from a window or a lamp with a shade - slightly off to the side.


When it comes to picking the right camera for your marketing and sales videos, there is no shortage of options. The most versatile set-up for a sales team is either a camcorder or DSLR camera because of the image quality it produces. In many cases, a smartphone can work just as well as its more expensive counterparts.

Whichever you are using, don’t have someone hold the camera to film. Use a tripod or a flat, steady surface instead to avoid shaking and blurring while filming.

If you are using a webcam, an upgraded external webcam will provide a higher-quality image with better resolution, color balance, and noise reduction. However, an internal laptop webcam can still work, especially if you control the lighting for the best result.


The better your audio quality, the better your sales and marketing videos.

In general, built-in mics on computers and external cameras aren’t great. It’s much better to use an external microphone when you are filming - shotgun mics, lavalier mics, and USB plug-in mics are all great options. You can also use a low-profile headset or wireless earbuds to ensure that the microphone is that much closer to your mouth as you speak.

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As you record, be aware of what else is in the video frame. Your background should be neutral and professional, without any distracting visual elements. You may want to showcase some of your personality with a tidy office or other room behind you but, in most cases, a textured or lightly colored wall is a better option.

Depending on the subject of your video content, you could pull in more creative presentation tools like a whiteboard to illustrate complex concepts or hold up your product as you talk. Using different camera angles is another easy, cheap way to make your video more visually compelling.


Being authentic and personable is the most important part of creating an engaging video for your business. It’s also your opportunity to show personality and create a personal connection with your audience by humanizing your communications strategy.

Tools like vidREACH’s teleprompter can help you stay on script without the stilted awkwardness of memorized lines.

And one pro tip: if you wear glasses, make sure they don’t reflect glare or - worse - your computer screen.  

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