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How Personalized Storytelling Can Benefit Your Business

How Personalized Storytelling Can Benefit Your Business

Marketing has changed drastically in the last decade or so, in practice and in how we promote our content. The biggest change we’ve faced is integrating storytelling into how we sell our products, which feels like a no-brainer, right? But sometimes telling a compelling story isn’t necessarily enough, especially if your audience can’t relate to what you’re saying. You could have a crazy dramatic story about how your product could greatly improve someone’s life, but until you put that story into terms they can understand, it’s just a story.

This is why personalized storytelling has become so effective! Once we begin to relate our products to our customers, we will more than likely see a huge jump in business. How do we do that? By putting a face on your company for your audience to relate to.

Here are 4 ways that personalized storytelling can capture the attention of your audience:

1. Personalized storytelling is the best tool.

Personalized stories add an incredible amount of weight to whatever your company is selling. There is so much content flying back and forth these days, and cutting through the noise can be difficult. But a personalized story of how your product can not only benefit but also change your customers’ lives. For instance, we’re seeing vehicles becoming more and more “sentient” with smart technology that increases the efficiency and safety of cars. While efficiency is definitely a good selling point, the new safety elements are your big-ticket items. Imagine you are marketing the vehicles. What if someone in the company was saved by these safety measures and is passionate about telling their story. That would be a compelling and poignant story that reaches your intended audience. While this might be an extreme example, adding a relatable, personable face to your stories creates a ton of weight for your product.

2. Personal stories strengthen customer trust.

Once you have added a personal touch to your storytelling, you may find that your customers have greater trust in your company’s mission. They will be able to see that your employees care about the product they spend their time creating and selling and know that your employees care about the customers themselves. Since your customer service is your front line, you want to be sure that your customers can actually trust the people they are calling for support. Adding faces and stories to your marketing tactics is the best way to build trust.

3. Celebrate employees through personal stories.

Social media is a great tool because you can conduct your business in a totally new way. You can also celebrate the wins of your teams through personalized stories. Give your customers someone to relate to by posting birthdays, work anniversaries, accomplishments and promotions on your social media accounts! In addition to putting more faces on the front-end of your business, you have an opportunity to build and improve your company culture by celebrating those that have invested their time and energy into your business. This creates a healthier environment for everyone.

`4. Personalize content for your customers.

Personalizing content for your customers goes further than just adding their names to the emails you send out. That’s a huge step in the right direction, but there’s so much more you can do to market directly to the people who will respond the best. Creating customer-specific news feeds, topic pages and content collections can better optimize your click rates and increase customer engagement. Once your customers see content that applies directly to them, that’s like having a hardline directly to their heart and mind. Supplying what they are most interested in is the best way possible to increase any sort of engagement with your content.

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