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How Personalized Communication Will Change the Way You Do Business

How Personalized Communication Will Change the Way You Do Business

As technology rapidly continues to speed up the way we communicate with our target audience, it is easy to feel a disconnect creeping in. It is essential for your company to be more intentional in communication and outreach. After all, a lack of personalized communication is a surefire way to create a disconnect with your target audience. By integrating personalized communication, businesses can speak louder above the noise in a competitive landscape, regardless of industry. Stop overlooking this powerful tool and see how personalized communication changes the way you do business.  

What personalization is not.

Personalization is not going “door-to-door” doing business with prospects. Personalization doesn’t mean always communicating face-to-face. Personalization is not just putting a prospect’s name in an email. It goes further than that.

Personalization humanizes your communication and outreach processes. Personalization means recognizing a prospect’s daily tasks and struggles and tailoring your message to address specific needs.

So how do you personalize your communication? Here are a couple of tips and tricks:

Ditch the nametag. 

While it may be a good first step to personalization, customizing an email with a prospect’s name is not the most effective form of personalized communication. With advanced technology and CRM platforms, it’s easy to rely on automation to do the personalizing for you. We’re not saying automation is bad (we love it, it saves time, boosts efficiency and generally makes our lives easier), we’re saying that you need to rethink how you use automation when it comes to personalization.

Personalization and automation don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There is a place for both in your outreach process. Which leads us to the next point:

What story are you telling? 

How you communicate holds a lot of power, so concise delivery is vital for effective messaging. Your messaging and the story you tell are your brand voice. What tone are you using when reaching out to your prospects? Are you cultivating a story that allows your audience to go on a journey with you? Are you relating to your audience? Are you recognizing their needs and not just pitching them a blanket solution?

Telling a better, relational story will revolutionize the way that you do business. Cater your message to your audience. Be authentic. Be sure your message has depth. Be personal. No prospect wants to feel like they are an email address on a list. They want to feel seen. When we tell a better story, it changes the game.

As you roadmap for 2020, integrate personalized communication into your rhythms. Personalized communication engages your target audience and builds better relationships, yielding a more effective business process for your brand.

vidREACH specializes in personalized communication while still automating your process. Take a deeper look at how to integrate personalization into your 2020 business processes.

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