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Get Face-to-Face with the Help of Video

Get Face-to-Face with the Help of Video

Being face-to-face with whom you need to isn’t always an option. So what do you do to promote community and maintain relationships when remote work is steadily becoming a reality?

With the power of video, you and your team can stay in touch with each other, create custom video emails that make personalized connections, and maintain prospect and client relationships when in-person meetings can’t happen.  

Here are 6 ways to stay connected via video when you can’t get face-to-face.

Video Prospecting

Video is a great way to get in front of prospects while personalizing your outreach. Video prospecting creates a unique prospect-to-brand connection because they can put a face to your brand. When video prospecting, make sure you do your research first to understand your prospect’s industry, company, product, and pain points. A little digging can help you personalize your video to create a more authentic connection. Video helps you humanize your outreach process and keep your brand top-of-mind with prospects. 

Video Follow-Ups

Video is perfect for following-up on your initial outreach or for following-up on a demo, phone call, or other meetings. Consider recording a follow-up video to touch on key points you may have talked about during the demo or meeting, or create a video follow-up to keep your brand top-of-mind with your prospect. The options are endless, so get creative. 

Video Client Communication

Client communication can benefit greatly from video! From client onboarding and training to product announcements, best practices, and brand updates, video is a useful platform for getting in touch with your customers. A personalized video crafted for each client is a great way to keep the brand-to-client relationship strong while ensuring that your customers don’t feel like they are just a benefit to your bottom line. Video lets you get face-to-face with your customers without having to be in the same room, much less the same city, state, or country. 

Video Coaching

Remote work is becoming prominent. Don’t let location or distance stop you from building community within your own brand. Keeping your employees engaged (remote or not) is just as important as keeping your prospects engaged. Engaged employees are productive employees and productive employees are your best assets. Video coaching allows you to connect with your team no matter their location. Through video coaching, your employees can celebrate big wins, learn something new, practice their sales pitches, or even onboard and train from afar. 

Video Screening

Did you know that identifying top candidates is as easy as a video interview? When candidates are remote or circumstances dictate location, you can still connect with candidates via video screening. Consider replacing your phone screens with video screens to connect with and identify top candidates for your open positions. 

Screen Recordings

Screen recordings are perfect for keeping your brand top-of-mind without getting face-to-face with clients, prospects, or employees. Whether you are demoing your product, walking a client through a new feature release, or training new hires on your product or platform, screen recordings are the perfect solution to disseminating information in a personal way when you can’t be in the same place. 

vidREACH is a video email platform that personalizes and automates video and email so that every sales, customer, and employee interaction is personal and catered to each recipient without ever having to leave your home. Learn how we can help you stay connected. 

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