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Experts Tips on How to Get Started With Video Marketing That Works

By Sean Gordon
Experts Tips on How to Get Started With Video Marketing That Works

Video has become increasingly popular over the past few years as human attentional spans grow shorter. The growth will only increase in the future, with studies showing 93% of marketers consider it an important part of their marketing strategy.

Eight out of 10 people say they’ve been convinced to purchase an app or piece of software because of a video, making it a valuable opportunity for businesses to gain more prospects. To confirm the relevance of video marketing, check out these top stats:

  • YouTube currently has over a billion active users. It is one-third of the total global internet users' population.
  • Active YouTube users spend about 500 million hours watching videos daily.
  • Over 51% of top world marketing professionals say that a video marketing platform has the best ROI as far as content goes.

Video marketing is efficient due to its effectiveness in capturing prospective attention and offering fast transfer of information. Also, it is the best tool you can use in leading consumers through a sales funnel. Here we look at valuable tips that will enable you to craft a compelling sales video for your business.

Essential Considerations When Making Any Sales Video Content

It would be best to check on your audience, the topics you wish to cover, and what the video will accomplish in the bottom line. They will help you plan effectively and organize your thoughts on making a relevant video. Once you settle for a solid plan, you can move in to create the video. Check the following:

Lighting and Sound Are Critical

Avoid filming in dark areas or rooms with fluorescent lighting.  You can achieve perfect lighting by focusing on natural lights, such as areas with windows. The space should also have no echo or background noise for effective sound capture.

Pay Attention to Timing

The platform where you post your videos dictates the length of your video. For example, Instagram only allows a 60-second limit for video content unless you use IGTV. However, ensure you capture your audience's attention within the first 3 seconds, regardless of the length of your sales video.

Choose an Appropriate Background

Shoot your video in an area without a distracting background. You want your audience to remain focused on the content you present to them, not what’s happening behind you. You can use green screens or blur the background to ensure the focus remains on the presenter alone.

Include CTA in Your Video

You are trying to achieve something with the content you create. Therefore, give your audience something to do next at the end of the video. It would be a simple call to head over to the business website or try out a new product you are releasing.

Top Video Ideas Used In Marketing

Videos come in various types and will depend on the product or service you are offering your customers. The most popular video ideas that savvy marketers use are:

  • Educational videos: These are videos that help to add value to your customers. Explain why the video is helpful with guides and demonstrations on how to use your products.
  • Inspirational videos: Use these videos to change lives using emotions by motivating your audience towards achieving a particular goal.
  • Entertaining videos: These videos make your audience laugh or smile. The content intrigues them to learn more about your brand by creating a positive experience.

Video marketing is making waves as most people still navigate meeting face-to-face during a pandemic. Add a personal touch to your touchpoints by leveraging the advantages of video.


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