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4 Benefits of Incorporating Video into Marketing Campaigns


Digital methods rule the field in marketing, allowing companies to reach consumers in innovative ways. In the digital marketing realm, incorporating video into content aids in the user’s experience and captures a significantly higher percentage of consumer business than traditionally viewed text content. Companies searching to expand their reach and find new and innovative methods to gain prospects discover that incorporating video into their campaign results in higher return on their investment and an increase in brand awareness.

According to a recent study, strategists found that conversion rates increase by 80% when a video is incorporated into content. Users consume video quickly; they enjoy being able to absorb content with little effort. Prospects and customers view video content as simple interaction, all while building brand awareness and increasing satisfaction. With companies around the globe competing for business and recognition, blocks of content fall short and video content is seizing ground.

Replace Written Content with Video

Not only is video content a more fun and innovative way to convey a message, but it is faster for recipients to consume. Replacing 500 written words with a 30 second commercial with vidREACH Reach video not only provides easily consumable content but invigorates all of your marketing campaigns, presenting your content above the rest.

Many users find reading blocks of text tedious, and video is a much more straightforward method to reach them. Proving well-researched content and high-quality data captures attention and builds the trust the prospect is creating.

Personalize Content

Integrating customized video content communicates to the recipients that you are invested in them. Record your marketing campaign’s content with a personalized video, and email the video with tailored questions geared towards the recipient.

Research shows that adding video with questions aimed toward the prospect will increase interaction. With vidREACH, these questions can be immediately replied to, and if needed, the recipient may also schedule a meeting to hear more about the information provided.

Emails Personalized Attract Attention

Users want to feel appreciated and involved, no matter the field. Personalizing content through emails create a high sense of regard for recipients and increases awareness for the brand. With video, a recipient’s email may contain snapshots of the video and a personalized message.

Users tend to be visual, gaining their knowledge from seeing a product or service in action. Adding a video attracts attention to the most important points of your message, as well as adding an interactive aspect to your message. A user’s decision-making process is treated as a funnel. Providing users with specific personalized information creates a natural process all the way down to the end solution.

Higher Response In Marketing Campaigns With Video Content

Statistics confirm users respond more favorably to video content. If fact, they are 300% more likely to respond when a video is included in an email. Consumers view the video as more trustworthy because they feel the company has put forth the effort and research to create the content and reach out.

Hubspot states that the enjoyment users obtain from watching video content increases intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.

The trust built by providing high-quality resourceful video provides many benefits to businesses. Get prospects to notice your content and build your relationships along with the help of vidREACH Reach. Consumers are far more responsive when offered knowledge they may not have obtained without the video content provided. Personalization builds a higher perception of one’s brand and in turn will increase the profitability of your campaign.

To gain further knowledge on how to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns, contact us. Our team is highly skilled, and efficiently apply the research and background information provided into a strategy fit best for you to gain the highest return.

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