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The Benefits of Using Video to Set More Appointments


Have you ever been to a sales pitch where it seemed like the speaker just droned on and on? After a while the meeting most likely became boring and you may have even found yourself nodding off. Smart companies realize that using video is much more interesting than reading long emails. We will use an example of a different kind of video presentation to show how video will help set more appointments.

Take for instance a company that sells timeshare units. When potential buyers come in to hear a sales pitch, they do not just listen to a sales rep but instead watch a video first. Instead of numbers and a boring sales pitch, the video showcases happy couples and families enjoying their vacations at a variety of perfect locations across the country. After the potential buyers have their interest piqued, the sales pitch comes after. The point is, the people who attend the sales pitch stay engaged and interested instead of checking their watch to see how much longer they have to stay. Now what if you could use that same type of engagement in an email to set more appointments?

vidREACH Reach Creates Engagement

The new vidREACH Reach shows video questions asked to prospects and recipients can immediately reply to tailored questions and/or schedule a meeting to learn more. In fact, vidREACH Reach replaces 500 written words with a commercial that is just 30 seconds long. This makes the marketing campaign intriguing, interesting, and engaging while bringing your campaign to life. In fact, you are able to record your own campaign content with a video that is personalized and an email that has questioned specifically tailored to the recipient. And if you are wondering if the email will attract attention, don’t worry because the recipient’s email has a personalized message and a snapshot of the video to get them interested and eager to take a further look.

Video Creates Response

Did you know that your recipients are more likely to respond when video is included in an email? Not by a little either – a whopping 300% more response. Here are a few statistics that show more of how important video engagement is when it comes to getting a response and booking more appointments. Not all of these statistics apply to email marketing but all of them show how important video is in setting up more appointments.

  • Real estate listings that have a video included get over 400% more inquiries than those that do not have a video.
  • After watching a video, online shoppers are over 60% more apt to make a purchase.
  • Almost 40% of executives contact a vendor after watching a video and 65% visit the marketer’s website.
  • After seeing a service or product in a video, 50% of executives seek out more information.
  • As mentioned above, when video is placed in an email, there is a 200-300% increase in the rate of click-through.
  • 80% of users recall an ad they watched in the past month.
  • An amazing 90% of users state that videos with products are helpful in the decision they ultimately make.
  • Over 90% of mobile video consumers don’t just keep the video to themselves but share it with friends, family, and social networking.
  • 36% of consumers who shop online trust video ads.
  • 75% of online video viewers have interacted with an online video ad within the month we are in now.

The point is, it is a fact that the benefits of using video are many and the statistics don’t lie. You have excellent opportunity in setting more appointments when you use video in your campaign. To learn more about vidREACH’s Reach platform, including how to get more appointments with video email, contact us today.

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