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B2B Video Trends

B2B Video Trends

B2B Video Trends

Video is transforming the way businesses build their brand, reach larger audiences, and develop deeper connections with their customers in 2020. With the rapid increase of video integration in business strategy, it’s important to know how video is trending and transforming the way people do business today. Our team has established the top B2B video trends to engage with in order to seamlessly add video into your strategy this year.

1. Go video or go home.

Video is everywhere. There’s a good chance you’ve watched a video today. It has quickly become one of the largest forms of content shared across platforms. So, what does that mean for your business strategy? 

Good news! Filming engaging content has never been easier. With the familiarity of video on the rise, the number of videos shared by businesses will also increase rapidly. Creating strong video content doesn’t mean you have to produce extravagant videos. Use what you have to create engaging content that grabs your audience’s attention. Now, if your team is in a position to invest in in-house video production teams, don’t be afraid to dive in and invest in equipment and production talent to take your outreach to the next level. But, don’t underestimate the value of a personalized, one-to-one video.

2. Drive traffic with video.

Whether your team is looking to drive inbound, social, or website traffic, video is the perfect way to propel your current business strategies. Video is more important than ever to help businesses break out of the competition. 

Let’s look at a few ways that your team can use B2B video trends to help stand out from the crowd:

  • Educate – Using video to provide a fresh new way for viewers to learn new skills is engaging and different from traditional educational learning atmospheres. Learners typically prefer to engage with interactive learning than with stagnant, mechanical, or monotonous learning. Video provides deep contextual learning while providing an engaging space in which your viewers can learn
  • Get social – Meet your audience where they are. With the power of targeted messaging through social media, curate direct messages for your audience. Many companies use custom-created videos to create a sales series or learning content to propel engagement and promote continual growth. Take a moment to go look on your social outlets. How often do you see video content appear as you are scrolling? Even integrating a small amount of video content into your social outreach process will help boost your engagement rates.
  • Drive website performanceThe call-to-action button is one of your most powerful tools on the web. Videos with call-to-action buttons as a response to the featured content are a staple for companies in their outreach efforts to better boost conversion rates

3. Bring sales to life with video.

Video helps shift the paradigm of a crowded inbox. It provides larger amounts of information in a way that is easier for your target audience to process. This helps break up the inbox, social feed, or any other medium used for delivery so that your user isn’t only receiving text-heavy messaging. 

Your business development team or sales team is challenged daily to grab the attention of their prospects in an engaging way that stands out from the crowd. Video helps alleviate some of the stress that comes with prospecting and better streamlines the entire outreach process. Businesses across every vertical are seeing increased conversion rates by integrating video into their outreach process. Video takes the mass outreach effect of emailing away and allows for one-to-one outreach to become the primary communication method. One-to-one video messaging allows sales reps to direct their outreach efforts to a single prospect or customer making their outreach humanized and intentional.

4. Learn with video.

There are few employees that will quickly raise their hand in excitement if given the choice to learn via textbook over video material. Video has transformed the way that companies engage with internal and external learning efforts. Video opens up space for companies to look for deeper ways to relay new information to their prospects, customers, and employees.

5. Keep it simple.

Since a large part of the population has a video creation tool right in their pocket, it makes the world of content creation more accessible than ever. All you need is a smartphone and a few best practices to create a video that resonates with a wide reach of users. Add in video content tools like vidREACH that have quick mobile video creation capability, and within a minute you can be sending out an industry update, a sales pitch, or a follow-up to your target audience. Instant video content creation is primed to meet the rising demand for video-based content in 2020.

6. Track your success.

Data is as important as the video itself. There is nothing more frustrating than sending a message to a wide reach of users and having no insight into who engaged with it. We are glad the days of non-trackable message delivery are gone. With vidREACH, your team can quickly draft a video campaign to be tracked with play-by-play analytics that helps understand and determine consumer behaviors and needs. With comprehensive data, you can determine which processes and interactions can be better refined to reach your audience better. 

Want to see how B2B video trends and video outreach can transform your business this year? Let us show you how we can help.

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