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9 Best Platforms for Sharing Marketing Videos

9 Best Platforms for Sharing Marketing Videos

Marketing videos provide an excellent opportunity to connect with business prospects. Besides, posting your videos in the right places strengthens the relationship with new and existing customers. According to HubSpot, 86% of businesses market themselves using video.

Compared to text or still graphics, videos utilize body language, voice and facial expression to tell compelling stories. As they watch your clip, clients put a face to the company they intend to buy from before making a purchasing decision. More than that, customers can play videos while they do other things.

Here are the nine best places to share your marketing videos for the biggest impact and reach.


Facebook has a substantial global following. By posting marketing videos to your Facebook account, you engage present followers. At the same time, you will attract new audiences because the social media giant utilizes an algorithm that feeds audiences content based on their browsing habits.

Your Company Website

Adding videos to your company website serves two purposes: increasing its optimization and product awareness. You should designate another page exclusively for marketing videos away from the videos you have posted on the "About Us" page. Dedicate a news page or company blog for this purpose.


YouTube seems like an obvious option since every other entity is posting videos here anyway. However, haphazard posting will not earn you engagement. You must be systematic and deliberate. Prepare a posting schedule for, say, once a week or twice or even bi-monthly. Include transcripts and make sure your video description is optimized for SEO.


As a professional networking site, LinkedIn has done remarkably well. The site now prioritizes videos meaning you stand a good chance of reaching more prospects. To capitalize on this feature, try embedding video content within the platform.

Instagram stories

We mentioned social media accounts earlier, so why repeat it? Posting on Instagram Stories is different from the main Instagram newsfeed. What Instagram Stories achieves is to nurture an already existing relationship. Therefore, you can share daily video snippets such as product usage tips, how-tos, new product introductions, and more.


Pinterest achieves similar objectives as Instagram Stories. For instance, if you are in the travel, fashion, or beauty industry, you can target customer groups on this channel with regular videos. Requesting them to re-pin the same on their boards also increases engagement and earns you prospects.


Vimeo offers both free and premium versions and is an excellent option to host and share your videos. One significant advantage it has over YouTube is that it does not play ads.


Wistia exists specifically for business and does not air videos to a general audience like YouTube. More than that, Wistia provides you with analytical tools such as play rates, heatmaps and engagement rates. It has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited users, and you can opt for the free or paid version.


Cincopa has an array of features that you can leverage for maximum audience engagement. The platform has video, podcast and image functions. One aspect that stands out is the Cincopa Video Channels that works on the same concept as Netflix to enable binge-watching business videos without competitor ads interference.

Where to Share Marketing Videos

Use these platforms to post your marketing videos for customer engagement, retention and attracting new ones. 

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