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7 Video Marketing Stats You Should Know in 2022

7 Video Marketing Stats You Should Know in 2022

There's no denying that the video marketing platform has transformed the digital scene and become a game-changer. Besides being a form of entertainment, video content is also a platform for educating others and demands cutting-edge strategy for connecting with your audience.

There’s no doubt that well-crafted video content is one of the better innovations to grace the marketing and advertising industry. People share video content and do the marketing for you. And if your content tells a compelling enough story, your marketing/advertising leads can go through the roof.

As we look ahead into the new year, here are seven key video marketing statistics to keep an eye on.

1. 84% of Consumers Claim to Make Purchases After Watching a Brand's Video

At the point when a consumer is considering buying a product or service, Wyzowl found that video content was the right message to convince hesitant consumers to choose their products/services. As such, over 84% of consumers claimed to have been convinced to purchase a product/service after watching a brand's video.

2. There's a 50% Lower Cost-Per-Engagement for Twitter Ads with Video Content

Videos are a safe bet, especially for a digital ad strategy. You can lower your cost-per-engagement by up to 50% on social media platforms like Twitter by infusing video content into your existing marketing plan. Preparing multiple sets like images, GIFs, and videos in your ad flights will also bolster your digital ad campaign.

3. 78% of People Consume Online Videos Weekly, and Over 54% Want Even More Video Content

Video has integrated into almost every aspect of consumers' lives. A study by Social Media Week shows that prospective customers watch branded videos every week, with over 50% of them engaging with video content almost daily.

Consumers are craving even more video content from brands they love. The demand is there, and now is the time to capitalize on it.

4. Only 12% of Facebook Video Content Are Live, But Live Streams Get Over Double the Engagement of Pre-recorded Posts

It actually pays to do video marketing live on Facebook and other social media platforms. Only about 12% of Facebook marketers use Facebook Live to market their content. And since so few businesses are taking advantage of the Live function, going live on the social platform has proved to be an excellent strategy to stand out from the competition.

Your fans will also receive a notification whenever you go live, increasing awareness of the video.

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5. 94% of Marketers Use Video to Increase Their User Understanding of Their Product/Service

With the right video content and video marketing platform, you can feature your product/service more effectively to your target audience. Sometimes, it takes simple visual content to help your consumers understand your product or service.

By sending a carefully crafted how-to video to your prospective clients, you can relay the benefits of your product and use cases in just a few seconds.

6. Viewers Retain Almost 95% of Video Content Compared to the 10% from Reading Text

Are you debating the merits of creating video content vs. continuing with text-only communications? The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers are staggering! According to Forbes, readers retain 95% of video content compared to just 10% from reading text alone. 

7. 54% of Consumers Claim They Want to See More Video Content from Businesses and Brands They Support

Video content is poised for success in 2022 and beyond. And, as one of the best approaches for reaching out to prospects and returning customers, businesses should find ways to leverage video content into their marketing strategies now.

A study by HubSpot shows that over 54% of consumers crave more video content from their favorite brands. Sales videos are especially effective at communicating and engaging with both existing and potential new customers.

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