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6 Benefits of Using Video in Marketing


Marketing can be difficult and a lot of work, but it is essential to making a business successful. It does not matter how good a product is if no one knows about it. It is important to make your marketing as efficient as possible so you can generate the maximum amount of profit. One really efficient and beneficial feature that you need to integrate into your marketing strategy is video. Here are some benefits that adding video in marketing will bring.

1) Brings more interaction with your audience.

vidREACH Reach replaced 500 words of writing with a 30 second commercial in email marketing campaigns. They discovered that recipients are 300% more likely to respond when a video is included in an email. More interaction with your audience means more brand loyalty and they will remember you more when it comes time to buy.

2) Adding a product video on your landing page can boost sales by 80%.

Videos are a fun and easy way to tell your potential customers about your product quickly without them losing interest. A 30-second video is a lot quicker to watch than to read 500 words, and it will give the same information. Using videos will help a lot with that.

3) Video in marketing builds trust

Videos can help your potential customers trust you. Letting them see your face and hear your voice assures them that you are a real person and a well-edited video will make your company look more professional and established.

4) Search engines love videos.

Videos are an effective way of getting more exposure from search engines. They increase time spent on your website from your viewers, which tells search engines that people like your website and find your website relevant to their needs. According to Moovly, you are 53 times more likely to end up on the first page of Google if you have a video embedded in your site. To maximize your SEO impact from videos, have interesting titles and descriptions that target keywords while also making it reader-friendly.

5) Videos Are Great Educators

Want to show people how your product works? Make a video out of it. Trying to explain a difficult concept? Think about animated videos. If your buyers know what your product does, how to use it, and how they will benefit from it, then they are more likely to buy it. Videos are excellent at showing that. Educating people on topics related to your subject are also really helpful and will bring you more exposure. For instance, if you are selling green tea and you want to highlight the antioxidants in the tea, educate people on what antioxidants are and what they do to help your body as well as how many antioxidants are in green tea.

6) Engage the lazy with video

Unlike writing and sales pages, a video is a very easy type of content to consume. There is too much content on the internet and too much to do to effectively engage someone with just writing. However, video can turn even the laziest of viewers into buyers because they will be entertained and they are a lot less likely to click away from a video than a lot of writing. This will make them more likely to buy, and it will also help you increase your SEO exposure for the reason listed above. Make sure your video is entertaining and informative and you will have a bunch of buyers. Consider the Dollar Shave Club, for instance. Their video went viral and they got thousands of sales overnight off a low budget, short video that was entertaining and told what the product was. Even if they wrote a really entertaining sales page, they would not have had the same amount of sales, because the lazy would have clicked away before the pitch.

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