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5 Video Email Marketing Strategies to Try

5 Video Email Marketing Strategies to Try

The average internet user spends an average of 100 minutes a day watching online videos. As online marketers try to keep up with the ever-changing consumer behavior, a new trend has emerged - video email marketing.

Let's face it, people's attention spans are decreasing gradually, and the days of using blocks of text to get your message across are long gone. Now, if you want to keep your audience engaged, you have to get a little creative, and what's better than adding images and videos to your online marketing campaigns?

Read on as we evaluate five of the most effective video email marketing strategies that are sure to boost engagement and increase your email click-through rates significantly.

5 Video Marketing Strategies

Put Your Message First

Sure, you want your audience to watch the video, but it's not the only element in your email, right? Besides, the primary purpose of sending the email is to get them to perform an action after watching the video, but how are they supposed to perform the action if they don't know what it is?

By directing your audiences' attention to your message first, they get to know what the video is about. You can do this by adding a clause of actionable verbs at the top of the video. Doing this will generate interest and increase their chances of taking whichever action you want them to take.

Create Personalized Email Videos

Personalized emails always do the trick when it comes to making your audience feel special. And when you throw a video in there, it makes their experience even more exhilarating.

If you have tons of video content on your website, you can use that to your advantage when sending personalized emails.

Say, for example, you notice someone watched a video on your website but didn't finish, you can send that video in an email to remind them to finish. This will not only increase the number of clicks but also improve your relationship with your audience.

Lose Autoplay

47% of all internet users access their emails through their phones. Some of these people are out at dinner, at work, or any other place where playing a video with the sound on might be considered rude.

So, unless you want your audience to skip the video, it's best to let them decide when and how they want to play the video.

Use a Static Image

Video emails are great, but they don't guarantee that the user will actually visit your website. To increase their likelihood of visiting your website, consider using a static image with an inactive play button that leads directly to a page in your website where the video is located.

When the user clicks on the static image, the video should automatically start playing when they reach your website. So, in this case, you can use autoplay to boost user experience and engagement.

Include Videos in Your Newsletters

68% of all internet users prefer watching videos over reading text when learning about a new product or service. So, if you're sending out your newsletters without a video, you might not be getting your message across.

If you run a video-heavy business, you can use newsletter video embeds to let your customers catch up on the content they might have missed. Alternatively, if your business doesn't do many videos, you can create a round-up of popular videos in your industry to keep your customers engaged.

Use Video to Convert Customers

Using a video in your emails will get you more conversions, improve personalization, and make you more memorable. 

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