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5 Sales Enablement Training Opportunities

5 Sales Enablement Training Opportunities

5 Sales Enablement Training Opportunities

With the rising popularity of sales enablement, it is vital that your team has the knowledge and sill to sell before going into the sales battlefield. If you expect your team to perform in any capacity, you must provide the right training for your sales enablement solution.

Setting your team up for success with sales enablement coaching doesn’t have to be hard. Sales enablement training and coaching is only complicated if you make it that way. You can do this a variety of ways, as there are endless opportunities for coaching available. Finding the right sales enablement coaching tactics will set you up for growth and success.

Here are 5 sales enablement training opportunities that can inspire you:

1. Conferences

As an off-campus option, conferences are a pretty good way to go. These events are designed to get people hyped up about their work, while providing valuable industry insights. There are plenty of note-taking opportunities during seminars or break-out sessions. There are networking opportunities that allow you to connect with like-minded industry leaders or potential prospects. For instance, the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada is geared toward sales leaders who are looking to focus on sales operations and enablement. This event will cover a range of topics, from sales talent and a customer’s purchase behavior to account-based marketing strategies and using digital marketing channels to your advantage.

2. Instructor-Led Courses

You might consider sending your sales team to a series of sales courses in your area. Conferences are great, but they are typically large and lack the face-time some learners need. If your team needs something a little more intimate, an instructor-led course would be a great fit. Schedule a time during the work week that your sales team could take an outing to dive into the intricacies of sales enablement. If you are not able to schedule a group outing, you can send team members in smaller groups during the week, or after the work day.

3. Video

One of the best things about technology is the ease with which you can record training videos for your team members to easily access during the work day. These videos can be viewed and reviewed when necessary, and allow learners to focus on the tougher concepts if they need to. Video is a great tool because of its ease and customizability. Keep your videos short and on-topic so information is easily digestible.

Additionally, video is easily updated and redistributed. Are you changing just one step in your sales enablement process? You can easily re-record and update video information instead of completely rewriting and redistributing a training manual.

4. Mobile/Online Learning

Online learning capabilities easily pair with video formats. Online learning includes blogs, quizzes, walk-throughs and other instructional and interactive content focusing on segments of your sales enablement process. Most people like to learn at their own pace, so an online platform or content management system (CMS) allows your team members to take in information at a rate that is beneficial to them. Investing in a CMS is a good option if you are not able to send your teams out of the office during the day. Finding a CMS that has mobile capability is important for allowing your teams to work from wherever they are, whenever it’s most convenient.

Is one of your top sales leaders heading out of state to court a prospective client? Video mobile coaching allows them to partake in training during transit, whether this on the plane, train or in the hotel room before a big presentation. This sales enablement training method is all about keeping your team equipped where they are by preparing them to represent your company successfully. On the flip side of this coin, it allows your remote team to stay up-to-date from home. This is something that fits for everyone!

5. Mentorship

This method may not be the most viable for your company, but there are some organizations where this could be a beneficial route. A mentorship program only works if you have someone in leadership that is able and willing to train the sales team on a personal level. Usually, this works best with smaller organizations. But this would provide a comfortable, engaging atmosphere where you can move at the exact pace your team requires. Depending on the atmosphere, you could also provide a one-on-one experience whenever your team needs it.

Essentially, you need to meet your team and your organization wherever the needs are. Whether you have company of 10 or 1,000 employees, each business requires a different approach. As long as your team is able to grow and learn with your sales enablement training, you are using the right approach.

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