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5 Expert Follow-Up Sales Strategies Using Personalized Videos

5 Expert Follow-Up Sales Strategies Using Personalized Videos

You’ve made your sales pitch, piqued your prospective client’s interest and you’re waiting to close the deal - so now what?

You could send off a quick email thanking them for their time. Perhaps you call them after a couple of days to see if they have any questions. Or you could make one small, impactful tweak to your follow-up sales strategy: include a personalized video.

In a world with endless online content vying for your audience’s attention, not using the power of video marketing and sales videos puts you at an immediate disadvantage. With tools like vidREACH, creating custom videos is a breeze for sales teams.

Here are the top five ways you can use personalized videos in your follow-up sales strategies.

1. Answer questions and provide value

Follow-up sales strategies should aim to answer questions and address any concerns your client may have. This could be a compilation of frequently asked questions your business regularly gets or it could be something specific from a previous conversation with your contact.

Your message should be short, succinct and easy to follow. One of the benefits of video is the ability to show rather than tell. Instead of a long-winded explanation, demonstrate your product in action with a recording of your screen (which is easy to do with the free screen record vidREACH offers!)

Another benefit? Studies show that people retain 95% of information when they watch it in a video compared to just 10% when they read it.

2. Reengage and stay top-of-mind

Customer engagement is that much easier with video. At vidREACH, we’ve found that email open rates increase by 232% when a video is included. It really is that much more compelling.

Authentic engagement is a key part of communication. If your emails are going un-opened, your follow-up strategy grinds to a halt. With a personalized video that encourages a response and action, you are keeping the conversation going.

3. Add personality

Video is a great opportunity to demonstrate your voice, tone and professionalism. Are you friendly and energetic? Knowledgeable and trustworthy? Showcase that!

We understand that sometimes you might feel nervous recording a video of yourself speaking or not remember what to say. That’s why we include an in-app teleprompter with your vidREACH plan - so you can be your natural self, no script-memorizing required.  

4. Build a personal connection

Adding personality in your video is important because it helps build a personal connection. Humans want to interact with other humans; not with a faceless entity. Adding that human touch through a visual, engaging interaction can make or break a sale.

Here are some easy ways to build that connection: use the name of the person you are talking to and reference previous conversations you have had together.

5. Reinforce your brand image

Every touch point is an opportunity to elevate your brand and there’s no better way to provide value than with a personalized video.

It creates a seamless experience and showcases your expertise while helping make your prospects feel cared for because you’re taking the time to speak specifically to them and their needs.

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