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4 Ways Video Can Strengthen Customer Support


Customer support is sometimes a thankless, frustrating job. Any sort of tech product is going to have an customer on-boarding process, an ongoing client success relationship and its share of glitches and issues, so you need people at the ready to answer any questions that your customers need. In the worst case scenario, this ends up in a number of frustrated, unresolved phone calls where either the customer can feel like they are not being heard or their issues will never get fixed. This can cause friction between your team and the customers, which leads to low morale.

But there is an easier way! With the implementation of video software, you can beef up the customer success processes and empower your employees to provide unbeatable customer service. It’s a modern-day privilege to have technology that not only makes things more efficient with it’s very use, but affects how your work can be done better in the future.

Here, we have 4 ways that video software can strengthen all of your customer support endeavors:

1. Create a Personalized Customer Experience

The biggest problem with resolving customers’ issues over the phone is that it creates a very impersonal experience for the customer. While they are having a phone conversation with an actual person, it doesn’t provide the same kind of personalized experience that a face-to-face encounter does. With video, the customer can meet your team members in a warm and welcoming environment. Plus, you get an extra little boost of earned trust with the luxury of personalization. Make sure that a beaming smile from your customer success team will reassure your customers that they are in good hands.

2. Empower the Customer to Help Themselves

One of the greater aspects of using video to help with customer success, and one that many may not consider, is the ability to create instructional videos that will help your customers fix a problem themselves. That’s right, this a revolutionary moment in customer support. We’re empowering the customers to solve the problem on their own, which sounds like a risky notion. But the idea of allowing the customer to fix the issue themselves will likely be popular among those who use your products. This can be done with simple instructional videos on troubleshooting, answering frequently asked questions or even laying out a particular strategy for how to most efficiently use your product. Providing information that your customers need, in a spot where they can find it, will save you more time to direct your full attention towards cases that need it.

3. Full Service Videos for Bigger Cases

Eventually, your customer will encounter a situation that they can’t resolve themselves. This is where you come in, either with instructional videos or a video call with the customer. These situations present opportunities to delve deeper into the concerns of the customer; offering to fully address their particular case in a personalized approach.

4. Provides a Complete and Thorough Troubleshooting Opportunity

Video software not only enables you to take care of customers more efficiently and personally, but allows you to analyze your approach to customer support. Often, you can track views and usage of instructional videos that will tell you what works and what doesn’t work. This an effective way to evaluate how your client success team can better approach the individual cases, while also evaluating how your instructional videos can be better formatted.

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