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4 Ways to Use Personalized Video for Prospecting

4 Ways to Use Personalized Video for Prospecting

It is essential to be face-to-face with prospects and clients, even when you can’t be in the same room. Now, more than ever, you have to get creative to get in front of who you need to.

Prospecting isn’t easy. But video makes it easier. 

With video, you can provide a personalized experience that builds rapport with prospects, creates a more trusted connection, and humanizes your brand and message from the time you send your initial outreach. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your videos either! 

Here are 4 ways to use personalized video for prospecting.

Initial Outreach

Your initial outreach to a prospect makes an impression – good or bad. A generic, impersonal, and long-winded outreach isn’t likely to elicit a response, and likely will find its way to your prospect’s trash folder. 

So how do you create an initial message that resonates enough with a recipient to make them want to respond? You personalize it. And we don’t mean only including their first name in the greeting or referencing their position or company. We mean putting a face to your name and talking directly to your prospect. 

And video is the way to accomplish this. Whether by email, text, or social media, sending a personalized video to your prospect builds credibility for you and your brand, creates a more genuine connection, and piques prospect interest. In fact, outreach that includes video can yield a 300% increase in click-through-rates. That is huge. 


Half of all sales happen after the 5th follow-up. And the majority of reps give up after just 2 touches. With such a disparaging difference in the amount of needed follow-up and the amount of follow-up that actually happens, there is a large gap in prospect communication. 

Video helps fill this gap by keeping your brand top-of-mind, making prospecting messaging personal and intentional, and creating more meaningful conversation opportunities. 

Social Media

Social media prospecting can take various forms. Whether you are reaching out directly to a prospect or posting planned campaigns, it’s important to make your messaging personal. Whether you are addressing your overall audience’s pain points or speaking directly to a prospect about their needs, video is a more engaging and personal way to reach who you want to reach. 

Consider sending personalized videos to prospects, posting circumstantially relevant videos to your main social pages, or incorporate a steady stream of video content into your regularly scheduled social media content. 

Pre-Recorded Demo

Sending out a pre-recorded demo is as easy as recording your screen, and is typically best for prospects further down the funnel. This is a great way to show your prospect how your product or service works and how it can benefit them. Consider personalizing this for each prospect you send it to as a reflection of the rapport you have already built with them. Pre-recorded demos are a great way for you to speak specifically to a prospect’s pain points while creating a more personal and tailored experience with your brand.

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