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4 Types of Demo Videos You Should Create Right Now

4 Types of Demo Videos You Should Create Right Now

Social distancing and working remotely mean that we have to be creative with how we communicate with our prospects, customers, and even our own employees. 

Jumping on a web conference isn’t always practical or realistic. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good web conference. We use them every day. But your prospects, customers, and employees have different obligations and demands that come along with transitioning to a fully remote schedule, so as a larger communication approach, web conferencing isn’t always practical.

When it comes to selling, or training and updating customers and employees, it’s important to consider time. 

Enter the pre-recorded demo. But we don’t mean a canned, impersonal, or generic pre-recorded demo. We mean a personalized and unique pre-recorded demo that is tailored to each recipient. 

And it may sound complicated, but we promise it isn’t. It’s as easy as taking a couple of minutes to record your screen. 

Here are 4 types of demo videos you should record right now.

New Feature Demo

A new feature demo is a great way to show existing customers and prospects alike how to use a new feature and the benefits they can expect to see from it. A personalized and comprehensive walk-through of where the feature lives in your platform, how it works, why you created it, and its use cases are all essential for your customers to understand the benefit of the feature.   

Training Demo for New Team Members

A pre-recorded product demo is a great way to train new team members on how to use your product, the benefits users see, and how to sell it or market it. 

Virtual training is essential for onboarding and continued learning throughout the employee journey. By creating pre-recorded training demos on your product, you ensure that employees have the resources they need to grow. This also creates an arsenal of training content that employees can use a reference when needed. 

Training Demo for New Customers

Onboarding new customers is an extremely unique experience. Every customer is different, and every customer will need different levels of training throughout the onboarding process. To ensure that each training is personal, consider a personalized training demo that gives step-by-step instructions and best practices for how to use your products efficiently and effectively.

Prospect Product Demo

A personalized product demo is a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind during the prospecting process. Whether you are providing a mini-demo as a follow-up to a live demo or giving a prospect a strong sense of what your platform can do before a live demo, it’s imperative that you make the demo as personal and unique as possible. A personalized demo helps you stand out in the inbox, build rapport, and create a more personal connection. 

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