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4 Sales Enablement Trends for 2020

4 Sales Enablement Trends for 2020

4 Sales Enablement Trends for 2020

As industries and the way we work constantly changes, it’s important to be in touch with what the competition is doing. Sales enablement trends are constantly evolving. Empowering your sales team to strategize and optimize their work is crucial to running a successful business. You want to be sure that your teams have all the tools that they need to succeed at what they do. The more tools and sales enablement tactics they have at their disposal, the better off they are.

Here are 4 sales enablement trends and sales enablement tactics for 2020 that can help you and your team succeed:

1. Data Integration and Quality

Data integration is when your sales, marketing and customer success departments unify data to work towards a common goal. More specifically, this is a great way to create buyer personas that provide a deeper look into the buying process. From the information obtained here, your sales team will be able to make “suggestive sales” to steer the customer to make a purchase.

Your sales team needs good quality data to effectively connect with buyers. Inaccurate data means a missed connection, which potentially means a missed sale. If your company is storing data in different places, it makes it hard to determine when or where to drive action. It’s also difficult to derive insights on a prospective client’s position in the purchasing journey. You always want to make sure that your prospects are comfortable every step of the way.

2. Content Strategy Improvement

Everyone is painfully aware of the role that content plays in today’s business landscape. Without content, you are dead in the water. So it’s no secret that we need to constantly be creating content to stay successful. But just having the content might not be good enough any more. Businesses with sales enablement tactics centered around content strategies have proven to have better relationships with their customers and higher win rates than those without a strategy. A content strategy assures that you are producing consistent and effective content that makes an impression on your customers.

Think of it this way: you are much more likely to purchase an item that is personally catered to your needs or interests. That’s why targeted ads and messaging work so well. If you’re able to produce content that tells prospective customers that you have exactly what they need and when they need it, you’re headed in the right direction.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an easy way to automate your sales enablement platform. Don’t think of it as a robotic takedown of mankind, but as a helpful companion that can anticipate your customers’ needs and keep them happy. It may surprise you, but it costs more money to acquire new customers than it is to keep older ones. Plus, it’s even more likely that existing customers will make purchases than newer customers.

The most useful aspect of artificial intelligence is automation. Automation, particularly personalized automation, is an incredibly useful tool for any type of customer or prospect engagement. AI can automate something as simple as timing communication and engagement activities or as complex as increasing customer lifetime value to boost upsells and retention through content nurture campaigns and consistent communication. Additionally, your automation tool will be able to make timing, content, or messaging recommendations to strengthen your relationship with your customers and boost credibility with your prospects.

4. Sales Enablement, Done Well

Most of all, you want your sales enablement to be done well. That means you must be adding value to your prospect journey. In fact, 58% of pipelines stall or dry up because sales reps are unable to add value to the buying journey. For sales enablement to be beneficial, it must include a documented strategy that adds value and drives leads through the pipeline.

When it is done well, sales enablement has a powerful capacity for success. As a tool, it allows your sales and marketing strategies to work in tandem to generate leads, personalize and customize each account experience, and broaden your vision to the bigger picture of success for your brand. Increasing the range of your analytics and tactics enables you to focus your sales on things that have worked before, lessening the time spent on sales methods that don’t work for you sales team.

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