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12 Ways to Use Video for the Holidays

12 Ways to Use Video for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! Time for wrapping presents, launching end of year campaigns, and getting started on next year’s budgeting and planning. In other words, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But maybe this holiday season feels a little different than usual. And that’s okay. This season we want to help you stand out in the inbox by re-humanizing the holidays from a distance with video email. 

Here are 12 tips for using video this holiday season:

1. Be mindful of time.

Holidays are filled with busy schedules. Give the gift of time: Keep your video short + sweet. 

2. Don’t overload the inbox. 

Prospects are 78% more likely to click play than to read yet another block of text. Show a little intentionality. 

3. Stay true to you. 

Outreach can easily become a platform for comparison. Take a step back when creating content and make sure that what you are creating is authentic and true to your brand, rather than just copying what your competition does. Be you. Be unique. 

4. Make it personal.

Personalization goes farther than “Hi Bill”. Try adding in at least one more personalized aspect to your outreach video. Consider doing a bit of research on your prospect’s company, alma mater, etc., to really add something more personal than knowing only their name.

5. Don’t worry about the budget.

You can still reach your audience effectively, regardless of your budget, by using hacks and tricks to curate a video that looks and sounds well-produced.

6. Check your lighting. 

Cozy lighting may be ideal for snuggling up on the couch with some hot cocoa, but it has no place in your video. Film in a space with good lighting to ensure that you are well seen.

7. Don’t stress about using the newest camera. 

Use your smartphone to create personalized videos that impact your audience. It’s as easy as that.

8. Go behind the scenes. 

Give your audience a glimpse of your company culture. Capturing the humanity of your brand is inspiring. Nothing humanizes a brand like seeing the people behind it all.

9. Say thank you.

Let your customers know how much you appreciate them. After all, they are the people who make what you do possible. 

10. Send well-wishes. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple and meaningful holiday greeting. Whether to your prospects or your customers, a quick “Season’s Greetings” goes a long way.

11. Indulge in a little nostalgia. 

Take a trip down memory lane by highlighting everything that made the past year great. Focus on the connections you made and the relationships you built, not on the numbers.

12. Talk about your plans. 

Your business plans, more specifically. Do you have new products or services rolling out in the new year? Any fun campaigns? If so, take the time to let your audience know!

How are you using video this holiday season? We would love to show you how video can rehumanize all of your outreach beyond the holidays!

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